Media Equipment for Checkout

CSB/SJU Media Services provides a wide range of audio, video, and computer equipment for checkout to all faculty, staff, and students in both the Clemens and Alcuin libraries. Equipment that is checked out is for use on academic projects ONLY. If you have any questions about checking out media materials, please contact Media Services at #2117(SJU) or #5609(CSB). See the list of equipment available.

Media Equipment Check-Out Policies & Procedures

  1. Most equipment checked out from the Media Center has a 1 or 3 day loan period.  If an extenstion is needed please contact media services staff direclty and they will assist you.  
  2. Media materials not returned on time are subject to an overdue fine
  3. The lender is responsible for any damage to the equipment that occurs when the equipment is in the lenders possession.