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Spring 2012

January 26

The P&P discussion looks into a topic that is especially hot on college campuses - the drinking age. Why is the drinking age 21? What is the legal framework behind drinking laws? How do drinking laws affect the prevalence of binge drinking? How does the U.S. compare to other countries? This event featured...

February 23


Founder and President of The Center for the American Experiment, a public policy think tank in Minneapolis, Mitch Pearlstein was featured. Pearlstein discussed his new book "From Family Collapse to America's Decline" which ties higher rates of family fragmentation to the public policy issues of education and crime.

March 15

The conversation highlighted the economic challenges of the European Union and explored what is unique about the EU's state off affairs. Why should Americans care about the conflicts in Greece, Italy, and the rest of the Eurozone. This program featured students who had studied abroad to Europe in the fall of 2011 and select faculty.

Fall 2011

December 8

The Minnesota state and national debt and deficit has been highly debated in U.S. politics, and will likely be a heavily contested issue for years to come. This event featured Minnesota State Representative Larry Hosch (DFL) and economics professor Dr. Louis Johnston, and both gave useful insights on the political and economic aspects of the debt and deficit issues.

November 17

This event provided a platform for prospective program participants of the Brandl Scholars, Jackson Fellows and Washington Summer Study Program participants - as well as all interested students and faculty - to discover the inspiring experiences of past participants. Interaction was at a more personal level. Past participants provided informal presentations of their work, and had the opportunity to explain the specifics of their summer experiences.

October 20

Every ten years with the new data from the census, changes must be made to the districts across Minnesota and the country to reflect population migrations. Come learn more about the process of re-drawing district lines and how political parties can win/lose from the redistricting process. Mike Dean of Common Cause Minnesota and Tom Freeman '08, a Redistricting Committee Administrator, discussed the issues with Political Science Professor Kay Wolsborn.

September 22

Learn more about Eugene McCarthy's life and his involvement in U.S. politics. We will be showing clips of a documentary about McCarthy and will hear from panelists about McCarthy's mark on the U.S. as well as Saint John's. Panelists include History Professor Ken Jones, Professor Emeritus Joe Farry, and SJU Archivist Peggy Roske.

Spring 2011

April 14

"Education in America: 'Waiting for Superman'" A short clip of the extremely popular and highly debated documentary "Waiting for Superman" will be shown, and the panelists will explore the current state of public education in the US and how it is affecting our children.  They will also discuss problems of the education system as well as potential solutions.  Panelists include: Tom Dooher, President of Education MN; Pia Lopez, Associate Editor of the Sacamento Bee; and Michael Borka, Associate Professor of Education at CSB/SJU.

March 9

"The Tea Party Movement: A New Form of Civic Engagement?"  The recently-founded Tea Party Movement energized conservative voters in the 2010 elections and vows that it is "here to stay."  This panel will examine how the Tea Party organizes and mobilizes supporters and compare it with other forms of civic engagement.  Panelists: Dan Proft, WLS-AM 890 (Chicago) talk show host and political commentator, and Claire Haeg, CSB/SJU Political Science Department and specialist on neo-populist movements.  This even is co-sponsored by Students Fostering Conservative Thought. 

February 24

"Burma, Democracy, and Military Rule"  Burma (also called Myanmar) is a south Asia nation with a long history and a troubled present, ruled by a closed and secretive military regime that battles against the nation's democracy movement.  Hundreds of thousands of Burmese citizens have become refugees in recent years.  In this panel some Burmese students connected with the CSB/SJU community will tell their story.  The event will be moderated by Dr. Christi Siver, Assistant Professor of Political Science.

January 27

"Your Taxes & Sports Stadiums: The Minnesota Vikings"  The Minnesota Twins recently built a new, publicly-financed stadium.  Should the Minnesota Vikings get one also?  Who benefits and who pays?  Joe Friedrich, Professor Emeritus of Economics at CSB/SJU, will discuss the economics of the proposed new Vikings Stadium. 

Fall 2010

November 4

"Campaign Tricks and Secrets: Election Strategy Review" Learn the exciting campaign strategies straight from the alum experts!  Join the College Democrats and College Republicans for a compelling post-election analysis featuring this panel of experienced campaign workers.

October 28

"House 14 B Candidate Debate"  Larry Hosch (DFL) and Tom Ellenbecker (R) debate current issues before voters head to the polls to cast their votes.  Who should be your State Representative?  How will the Election on November 2nd impact you?  Ask questions and make your voice heard at this debate! 

September 16


"The Constitution and the Environment" Constitution Day speaker Professor Bradley Karkkainen will be the guest speaker for Politics & a Pint.  Professor Karkkainen is a nationally recognized authority in the fields of environmental and natural resources law.  He joined the University of Minnesota faculty in January 2004.

Spring 2010

April 22, 2010

"Earth Day, Business and Sustainability". Featuring management professor Steve Schwarz and economics professor Ernie Diedrich. 

February 18, 2010

"Summer Internships: Civics, Service, and Great Experiences," a standup reception and opportunity for prospective program participants of the Jackson Fellowship, Brandl Scholars and Washington D.C. Summer Study Program and all interested students and faculty in general to interact with and learn from former participants in a networking setting. 

February 10, 2010

"Health Care Reform ABC" Featuring political science professor Claire Haeg and Molly Maas from the Physicians for a National Health Program.  Cosponsored by the Pre-Med Club. 

February 4, 2010

"Rethink Afghanistan," A documentary & discussion with political science professor and global affairs analyst Gary Prevost, PhD.  Cosponsored by the International Affairs Club and Model United Nations Team. 

January 28, 2010

"The 1960's: Confrontation and Change in the Nation (and at CSB/SJU)," presented by Ken Jones, Ph.D.

Fall 2009

November 19

"Fog of War." Lessons learned from Robert McNamara, former Secretary of STate and pivotal figure in the events of the 20th Century.  With insight and new historical information about WWII, the Cold War, Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis, "Fog of War" analyzes the bloodiest century in human history through the eyes and experiences of McNamara.  Throughout it we are forced to ask: when is war legal?  Are we to be held responsible for our nation's wars?

November 12


"War in Afghanistan: Counterinsurgency or Counterterrorism?" Lieutenant Colonel James Fischer, Professor of Military Science,  discusses the course of U.S. foreign policy in Afghanistan.

October 15

"Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie," In 2008 Mark Ritchie was named as the Most Valuable State Official in the United States by The Nation magazine and Politician of the Year by Politics in Minnesota - a leading public affairs news service.  Mr. Ritchie will open up an informal discussion on some of his office responsibilities related to voter registration and fair elections in Minnesota.


September 29


"The China Moment: What's at Stake for America?," Management, Political Science, History and Chinese Language professors share their experience-based insights on China and their historic momentum. Co-sponsored by the International Affairs Club and the Asia Club.


September 9

April 23

"The Power of Doorstep Democracy," featuring Political Science professor James Read, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:30pm.  According to Minnesota Public Radio, "James Read ran for office himself once, in Minnesota House District 14A back in 1992. He did it by knocking on doors, one by one, with a goal of 50 a day. In the end he knocked on the doors of 7,500 households and lost by only 98 votes" in a district where he was originally a complete stranger.

April 15


"A Discussion with DFL Candidates for MN Governor," featuring Sen. Mark Dayton, Sen. Tom Bakk, Rep. Paul Thissen, Sen. Steve Kelley. Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:30pm

March 26

"Free markets, globalization and the Plea for Social Justice," featuring Economics and Theology professor Dan Finn and Economics professor Chuck Rambeck, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:30pm

March 12


"Green Art and Environmentalism" featuring Art professor and Artist in Residence Richard Bresnahan and visiting Norwegian professor Chris Butters, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:30pm

February 24

"Minnesotans Rule, Nicely. Civic and Public Policy Lessons from the Heartland to the Rest of America,"featuring Sean Kershaw, Executive Director of the Citizens League of Minnesota, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:30pm

February 10

"Tips for Success," featuring former U.S. Congressman Mark Kennedy sharing tips for success in the realms of politics and business, Alumnae Hall, CSB, 4:30pm

January 29

"What will be different? A multi-level forecast for America in the next years," featuring James Fischer, director of ROTC; Kay Wolsborn, Chair of the Political Science Department; and Louis Johnston, professor of Economics, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:30pm

Fall 2008 

November 20

"Careers in Public Service: Voices from Alums,"featuring Mike Erlandson'86, SuperValu Vice-president of Government Affairs and former Chair of DFL party and Chief of Staff for Congressman Sabo; Karen Janisch'87, MN Governor Pawlenty's General Counsel; Alyssa Schlander'95, Government Affairs Director for MN Automobile Dealers Association; Phil Stalboerger'95, Legislative Affairs Vice President for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, former Senate staff and Department of Commerce Legislative Director; Doug Stang;96, 3M Government Relations and former GOP legislator; Erin Connell Sexton'98, Medtronic Senior Manager, State Government Affairs and former lobbyist for MN Chamber of Commerce and MN Medical Association; and Colleen Gross Ebinger'01, Director of Public Innovators, A Root Cause Initiative, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU 4:30pm

November 6

"Deconstructing the Election,"featuring Political Science professor Kay Wolsborn, and Psychology Professor Aubrey Immelman, O'Connell's Pub, CSB, 4:15pm

October 23

"The Current State of the American Economy,"featuring Economics professors Louis Johnston and Ernie Diedrich, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU 4:30pm.

October 9

"Religion and Presidential Politics,"featuring Theology professor and Obama Advisor Miguel Diaz, O'Connell's Pub, CSB, 4:15pm

September 25

"Public Transportation in an Era of Rising Oil Prices,"featuring Economics professor Ernie Diedrich, Brother Willy's Pub, SJU, 4:15pm

September 11

"Between Barack and a Hard Place," featuring Nick Colman, Columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:15pm


Spring 2008

May 1

"Minnesota: Its Role Within the Union and the Outside World," featuring historian and professor Annette Atkins, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:30pm

April 17

"Universal Healthcare? A discussion on the feasibility and implications of a universal health care policy in America," O'Connell's Pub, CSB, 4:30pm

March 6

"Advocacy and Political Leadership,"featuring Wyman Spano, a nationally-known scholar on Minnesota politics and director of the UMD Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) program, Murray 001, CSB, 4:30pm

February 28

"The Role of Government in Economic Growth and Recovery,"featuring Economics professors Parker Wheatley and Louis Johnston, co-sponsored by the Economics Club and OIKOS, Brother Willie's Pub, SJU, 4:30pm

February 8

"U.S. Presidential Election Mechanisms and Literacy,"featuring Political Science professors Kay Wolsborn, Claire Haeg and Neal Allen, O'Connell's Pub, CSB, 4:30pm