Sunil Chetty

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Assistant Professor
Mathematics Department
College of St. Benedict and St. John's University

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Office: HAB 17M (CSB campus)
Office Phone: 320-363-5960



My Info and News

As of the fall semester of 2011, I am an assistant professor in the math department at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University in central Minnesota.

From 2009-2011, I was a (post-doctoral) Riley scholar in the department of mathematics and computer science  at Colorado College (CC).


2014 Spring - Math 121: Math for Elementary Education
2014 Spring - Math 241: Foundations of Mathematics
2013 Fall - Math 118: Essential Calculus
2013 Fall - Math 305: MultivariableCalculus
2013 Spring - Math 121: Math for Elementary Education
2012 Fall - Math 120: Calculus 2
2012 Fall - Math 340: Number Theory
2012 Spring - Math 120: Calculus 2 - Sections 01A and 02A
2012 Spring - Math 331: Algebraic Structures
2011 Fall - Math 119: Calculus 1 - Sections 02A and 03A
2011 Fall - Math 239: Linear Algebra - Section 02A
Past courses at Colorado College
2011 - Summer Block A - Math 220: Linear Algebra
2011 - Block 7 - Math 251: Number theory
2011 - Block 5 - Math 126: Calculus 1
2010 - Block 4 - Math 129: Calculus 2
2010 - Block 3 - Math 110: Recognizing and using patterns in mathematics
2010 - Summer Block C - Math 117: Intro to Probability and Statistics
2010 - Summer Block B - Math 128: Calculus 2
2010 - Block 8 - Math 126: Calculus 1
2010 - Block 7 - Math 110: Math Explorations - foundations and philosophy of mathematics
2009 - Block 4 - Math 128: Calculus 2

Research and Interests

Algebraic number theory, specifically ranks of elliptic curves and abelian varieties.
Cryptography, computational problems in the arithmetic of abelian varieties
Mathematical logic, model theory and applications to number theory (at an amateur level)

Inquiry-based learning (across various levels of mathematics)
Mathematics educator preparation
K-12 mathematics education

CV: pdf (updated 09/05/2011)


Comparing local constants of ordinary elliptic curves in dihedral extensions [draft, or arXiv]
Computing local constants for CM elliptic curves (joint with Lung Li as part of his senior year research project) [draft, or arXiv]
(to appear in the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics)
Arithmetic local constants for abelian varieties with complex multiplication [draft]


Sage worksheets: Interact Labs Template
A general talk on congruent numbers and elliptic curves given to the Math Society at CSB/SJU in September 2011: pdf
A general talk on Diophantine equations and number theory aimed at undergraduates given at CC in September 2009 (with thanks to Keith Conrad for partial use of his talk at PCMI 2009): pdf
A general talk on elliptic curves (and the beginnings of my dissertation work) given at the UCI Math Graduate Student Colloquium (MGSC) in 2007: pdf


A free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL.
E-print database for mathematics papers (and other disciplines).
A document preparation system.