Redesign FAQ

Where is my Banner (Outlook, Moodle, etc) button?

You will find Banner, along with a variety of other frequently used links, at the top of the home page under "tools." Click on tools and you will see a drop down menu which includes Banner, Outlook, Moodle, etc. User testing indicated these links should be at the top of the page. This way they can easily be selected without having to scroll down, they are part of the global navigation which appears at the top of every page of the web site.

When will my site be converted?

IT Services will be contacting web coordinators during Spring Semester to schedule training. After training is complete, IT Services will schedule a time to move your department's web site.

How will my site be converted?

There are two options for moving content to the new design. The web coordinator can be trained and then move the content within the outlined timeline.. Or, CMS/IT can move the content and then train the web coordinator. Web coordinators will be contacted to see which option works best.

What is this I hear about SharePoint and an Intranet site?

Information that is intended for internal constituents (i.e., current students, faculty, and staff) will be moved to SharePoint on an intranet site. This web content split will allow us to better target the CSB/SJU web site to external audiences, with a special emphasis on marketing efforts to prospective students. Two example intranet sites are:

Why isn't "XYZ" link on the home page?

Decisions on which links to include, what the design looks like, etc. were based on usability studies, focus groups and statistical web tracking. Just about every office, department and group at CSB and SJU could make a case for needing a home page link.

The decision was to focus the home page on the needs of prospective students. Other audiences (current students, faculty/staff, alums, etc) have their own gateway links on the home page for easy navigation. Additionally, we have implemented Google Search to better facilitate searching for content. Both the Search Function and the A-Z index have moved to the top of the page for easier access.

Why was the new homepage designed primarily for prospective students?

According to research by Harris Interactive, prospective students obtain more than 80% of information about colleges from the Web. Findings from a recent E-Expectations survey conducted by Noel-Levits (e-expectations: class of 2007) found the majority of respondents expressed a preference for accessing materials about a school via the web as opposed to printed materials (57% versus 43%).

Ensuring that the CSB/SJU home page meets prospective student's needs and is easy to navigate, is critical to the success of CSB/SJU's admission process.

How are the pictures/stories in the Carousel selected?

The editorial team of CMS works closely with the Admission Office. They research and select stories to feature in the carousel. Selections are based on research done regarding the needs and expectations of prospective students and their parents, as well as information obtained through a variety of surveys and studies conducted both internally and externally. The editorial team also works to show the colleges' distinctive qualities including: academic excellence, Catholic Benedictine Tradition, pluralism, etc. Suggestions for possible stories are always welcomed and can be sent to Barbara Hein.

Why did you pick "XYZ" color/design?

The color/design was based on the needs and preferences of our key audience, prospective students, through a variety of research projects, including focus groups and individual interviews during the design phase.

Can I get a "spotlight" on the home page?

Suggestions for the Spotlight section of the home page can be submitted to Barbara Hein. Based on the institutional needs and priorities of the colleges the editorial team will review and make the decision on which items to feature.