Publication Tips

Where do I start with a publication project?
The best place to start with a publication project is by completing a Request Form. This form will help you address important information early in the project, so that your plan is clear and there are no major details forgotten, that could potentially hold up the project. Several of the items you'll want to consider when completing the Publication Request Form include:

  • Details (Who, What, Why, Where and When.)
  • Target audience
  • Photos or other art (We have art available or we can work with you to acquire it.)
  • Budget
  • Quantity
  • Delivery deadline (Allow 2-8 weeks from first meeting to delivery.)
  • Mailing

How do I prepare the text for the publication?

The most timely and preferred method to provide text is in hard copy format and an electronic file sent as an e-mail attachment. Using PC or Mac (both are compatible), Microsoft Word attachments are preferred. You may also submit text online, with the Publication Request Form. All text should be reviewed and approved before it is submitted to Marketing and Communications. Making text changes during the proofing stages increases the risk of errors.

Helpful tips for supplying text:

  • Remove all extra horizontal and vertical spacing.
  • Remove all codes from your disk after hard copy has been made.
  • Do not type entire words or phrases in upper case (all caps).
  • If emphasis is required, underline with pencil or pen and note bold or italic.
  • Everyone who needs to approve the text should do so before the text is sent to OMC. We will review and edit your copy before you receive the first proof.

How do I arrange for artwork to be included in my publication?

After completing the Publication Request Form, you will have the opportunity to discuss desired photographs and/or artwork with a Marketing and Communications staff person. OMC manages photography support also. Arrangements for photos should be made three weeks in advance of the scheduled event. To engage OMC staff in a photography project, please fill out the Photography Request Form.

How does the design/editing process work with a publications project?

Typically, after you've completed the necessary forms and sufficient information has been gathered regarding the project details, the following steps will occur as the project progresses:

  • A designer will create a markup publication design. Depending on the complexity of the project, you may be shown a rough layout suggesting organization and format. In some cases, it may be necessary to prepare a complete layout approximating the actual appearance of the printed piece.
  • The design will be proofed by our staff, then sent to you for approval or changes. Discuss any desired changes with the designer, who will make the necessary revisions and return it to you for final approval.
  • Approve the final design and completed camera-ready material provided by OMC.
  • We will request a printer’s cost estimate after preparing the printing specifications for your project. We will arrange for competitive bids, which will be submitted to you for your approval. After your approval of the publication and quote, the project will be sent to the printer.
  • Approve the printer’s blueline/press proof if applicable.
  • Pick up completed publications when notified. Larger projects may be delivered directly to your office or to a specified off-campus location.

Who arranges the printing of the publication?

Marketing and Communications will work with a printer and request a cost estimate after preparing the printing specifications for your project. OMC will arrange for competitive bids, which will be submitted to you for your approval. After your approval of the publication and quote, the project will be sent to the printer. The project may be delivered to our office, or directly to your office. We should always receive 15 samples of the printed piece for our files.

What is a blueline proof?

A blueline proof provides you a preview of the format of the printed piece, and will help you distinguish color separations. A blueline proof is not a full color proof and can't be used to judge color correctness.

Are there any special steps for a project that will be mailed?

There are specific rules determined by U.S. Postal Services that may impact your mailing project:

  • Mailing permits and bulk mail: CSB has a bulk-mailing permit #9, which allows college mailings to be sent at a non-profit rate. With the permit #9 indicium printed on the upper right hand corner of the envelope or self-mailer, your mailings will earn the lower rate. But you must mail in minimum quantities of 200, zip code sorted to use this indicium.
  • Bulk mail can take up to three weeks to reach your audience.