Exciting things are happening in the web world at CSB/SJU.

With the roll-out of our new, responsive CSBSJU website over the Christmas break, you can now view all the content on the website from any device: mobile phone, tablet, PC, etc.

While the look and feel of the site may have changed to meet the technology needs of our visitors, most information is still located in the same spots on the site.  Below is a quick reference guide for the new site.

How do I find my Email?
That link is still listed in the Tools menu, just like before — top link (Outlook Web App) middle column when using a PC. 

Where are the "Gateway Links" for Current Students and Faculty/Staff that were on the home page?
These key links have moved to the Global Navigation at the top of every page on our website. Hover over the link named INFO FOR at the top of the page and you will see these links: Current Students, Graduate Theology Programs, Faculty/Staff, Parents, etc. This design change means you no longer have to go to the home page of the website to access these links and you don't need to scroll down to find them. They are conveniently located at the top of every page on the site.  

How do I get to the Events Calendar?
During usability testing, we learned that finding the link for the Events Calendar was difficult.  For ease in locating, the Events Calendar link is now in the Global Navigation at the top of every page on the website. Hover over the link named NEWS & EVENTS and you will see the link for Events Calendar. Now you can easily see what's happening from any page on the website.

Where is the link for the Directory?
Many people told us that separate links for the online directory and phone book were confusing. To remedy this, we've combined these tools onto one page which can be found in the Tools menu — second link, middle column.  As with the previous site, information about current CSB/SJU students is password protected.

Where are the links for A-Z Index, Tools, Give and Search?
Those links are in the same location, in the Global Navigation at the top of each page.  They are simply listed in a different order to better accommodate the mobile menu.

How do I find the News page on the website?
The link for the News page is at the top of every page on the site, in the Global Navigation. Simply hover over the link titled NEWS & EVENTS and select the Community Newsroom link to find news releases, mentions in the media and noteworthy postings.

How do I find the menu on a mobile phone or table? 
The standard symbol for a menu on a phone or tablet is three lines in the upper right corner of the device.  Just tap that symbol and you will find all the navigation choices you see when you are using your PC.

Mobile phone menu:

Mobile menu example