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Kevin Dixon

Spring 2016 London

Dr. Kevin Dixon is a nationally recognised sports sociologist with particular interests in the sociology and history of sport, physical activity and health. Dixon attained his PhD from Staffordshire University in 2011 when he examined the practice of football fandom as a form of consumption in an age of liquid modernity. Since then he has published widely on a range of subjects including: celebrity; consumption; qualitative research methods; social theory; hooliganism, gender, ethnicity, surveillance, and disability relative to sport. 

Dixon became a Senior Lecturer of Sports Studies at Teesside University in 2005 and is an active member of the Social Futures Institute (SoFI).  In 2014 Kevin was entered (as part of a group of researchers at Teesside University) into the 'Research Exercise Framework', (a national assessment of the quality of UK research) under unit 22, 'Social Work and Social Policy'. This Teesside University submission was ranked joint 5th in the country from 62 submissions on this quality measure. 

Dr. Dixon continues to teach on all Sport and Exercise degree programmes and some Sociology programmes. Currently, Dr Dixon has PhD students studying aspects of cycling and football fandom cultures and would welcome applications from potential PhD candidates that are interested in studying any aspects of the history and sociology of sport, leisure or health cultures.  

Event Summary

In the spring of 2016, Dr. Kevin Dixon visited the CSBSJU students studying abroad in London at the Foundation for International Education (FIE).  

Student Testimonials

"Dr. Dixon's presentation on the relationship between pubs and football was very interesting. His presentation focused primarily on the article that we were required to read for class, covering his case study and research findings on the correlation between football and pubs. He was interesting to listen to because his case study was not focused on traditional research. I liked learning about his different research methods and conclusions about the structure of our society. Overall, I enjoyed listening to Dr. Dixon and the evidence that he found regarding the relationship between pubs and football."

"First of all, it was so cool to have the actual author of what we had been reading and studying for the week, there in person to walk us all through it, and it definitely helped for me to hear him present it as he understood it because there may have been a few things I was confused about myself. It was also really neat to hear him tie in his own thoughts and to see how he made the connections between his findings and previous works and all the ways that they came together to really cohesively work together and make sense."

"Overall I thought the article was unique in the fact that he actual interviewed just genuine people who cared enough about this topic to want to speak with him. He didn't have to go out looking for individual interviewees, rather, they wanted to come and talk with him, in the pub! If that doesn't speak to the true camaraderie that can be found in the pubs, I'm not sure what would. Thanks for bringing him in, gave me some great insights and things to think about."

"Dr. Dixon's presentation was very interesting and informational as it pointed out the way Football and Pubs are connected. He touched on the community aspect of the two and how pub culture and watching games really brings people together whether they know each other or not. He was very passionate about what he spoke about and clearly knew a lot from his research. Many students from our class asked many questions about different controversies and changing of the culture with technology, in which he was open to talking about and shared his personal opinions. I think he was a great resource to have for our class and having someone open our eyes to the way communities come together and are connected all by watching a game."