Welle Book Arts Studio Broadsides are original works of art created to celebrate Literary Arts Institute of the College of Saint Benedict Events. Each broadside is unique to the writer or event it commemorates and often incorporates a selection of the writer's work.  Broadsides are available for purchase at events.

Broadsides are created for many visiting authors, including Nick Flynn, Sister Mariella Gable, Deborah Baker, and William Stafford.

Prints or broadsides can be ordered by email at  Click on the icons below to download a PDF of each broadside.

Deborah Baker

Diane Glancy

Victoria Redel

Elizabeth Alexander

Nick Flynn

Marie Howe

Buzz Spector

Douglas Bauer

Mariella Gable

Judith Kitchen

William Stafford

Geoff Dyer

Jon Hassler

Brenda Hillman

Jane Kenyon

WS Merwin

Tomas Transtromer

Ellen Voigt

Liu Xiaobo

Terry Eagleton

Ru Freeman

Louise Erdrich

Linda Gergg

Jon Hassler

Don Paterson

Per Petterson