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Group Study Room Booking

Each library has group study rooms that can be checked out for a maximum of two hours:

@ Alcuin   @ Clemens

How to book a group study room at Clemens

  1. Click the green "@Clemens" button above.
  2. Chose options from the drop down menus and click “Search”.
    Note that rooms can only be booked up to 2 weeks out. If you need one beyond that time please call the Circulation Office at 363-5604.
  3. Choose the time you would like the room.
  4. Choose a room that will accommodate your group.
  5. Enter Registration Information.
  6. The first time you book a room you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your email. This needs to be done within a 24 hour period.
  7. Once done you will receive confirmations on your reservations either by email or text.

How to book L54 at Alcuin

  1. Click the blue "@Alcuin" button above. Use the calendar icon (Pick a date) next to the date line to select the date of your desired booking (if not today).
  2. Choose a room that will accommodate your group that is not already filled in for the time desired, and click and drag your mouse to select your reservation.
  3. Click the green "Book it!" button. You will be directed to Login.
  4. Enter your Banner ID and password (generally your last name).
  5. You should see a message at the top of the screen saying, "Your booking request has been accepted" followed by the room booked and date and time of the booking.