Real Player and Windows 7

Real Player videos, such as those from Vanderbilt Television News Archive, don't play automatically in Windows 7. At this time the process to view these videos is to retrieve the location of the video file and manually entering it into RealPlayer.

  1. Go to the video you're interested in such as
  2. Click the "view video" button. A window will popup but the video content is not displayed.
  3. Click on the "RealVideo" logo. Another window will popup and will probably just say "The webpage cannot be displayed."
  4. Grab the location from the address bar. We want the part that looks like "Rtsp://" don't copy the "?starttime" text that is after the .rm part. Make note of the start time so you can jump to that part of the video once it is streaming.
  5. Open RealPlayer by going to the start menu -> all programs -> accessories -> entertainment -> Real Player Enterprise.
  6. Click on File -> Open and then paste in the address ("rtsp://") and click OK.
  7. Once it starts loading you can drag the indicator to the start time.