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Clemens Library

College of Saint Benedict
37 S. College Ave.
St. Joseph, MN 56374-2099


FAX 320.363.5197

Alcuin Library

Staff Directory

Kathy Parker
Parker, Kathy
Director of Libraries, Media, and Archives
CSB Clemens A134: 320.363.5195
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2121

Josh Akkerman
Akkerman, Josh
Technical Coordinator
CSB Clemens A130: 320.363.5609

Nicole Anderson
Anderson, Nicole
Subscription Services Associate
CSB Clemens A133: 320.363.5316
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2765

Adam Bauer
Bauer, Adam
Media Services Manager
SJU Alcuin 361: 320.363.2118

Jonathan Carlson
Carlson, Jonathan
Science Librarian
SJU Alcuin 319: 320.363.2579

Bev Ehresmann
Ehresmann, Bev
Access Services Associate – Circulation
SJU Alcuin 375: 320.363.2120

Molly Ewing
Ewing, Molly
Humanities Librarian
SJU Alcuin 307: 320.363.2127

Bennett Frensko
Frensko, Bennett
Library Technology Support Specialist
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2035

Violet Fox
Fox, Violet
Metadata Librarian
SJU Alucin 211: 320.363.3032

Sarah Gewirtz
Gewirtz, Sarah
Information Literacy Librarian
CSB Clemens A103: 320.363.5802

Brenda Hommerding
Hommerding, Brenda
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2747

Bonnie Kalla
Kalla, Bonnie
Access Services Manager
CSB Clemens A102: 320.363.5159

Liz Knuth
Knuth, Liz
CSB/SJU Archives Associate
SJU Alcuin 009: 320.363.2129

Adam Konczewski
Konczewski, Adam
Digital Media Specialist
CSB Clemens A137: 320.363.5583
SJU Alcuin 361: 320.363.5583

Kelly Kraemer
Kraemer, Kelly
Business Information and Outreach Librarian
SJU Alcuin 323: 320.363.5195

David Malone
Malone, David
Fine Arts Librarian
CSB Clemens A109: 320.363.5513

Colleen Nelson
Nelson, Colleen
Access Services Associate – Circulation
CSB Clemens A116: 320.363.5604

Miranda Novak
Novak, Miranda
Technology Services Manager
CSB Clemens A101 & SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.5923

Kathy Parker
Parker, Kathy
CSB Clemens A134: 320.363.5195
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2121

Jim Parsons
Parsons, Jim
Associate Director
CSB Clemens A113: 320.363.5907

Don Renshaw
Renshaw, Don
Materials Description Associate
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2123

Nicole Reuter
Reuter, Nicole
Access Services Associate – Interlibrary Loan
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2120

Peggy Roske
Roske, Peggy
CSB & SJU Archivist
CSB Corona G10: 320.363.5019
SJU Alcuin 010: 320.363.2129

Dan Sis
Sis, Dan
Media Technical Manager
SJU Quad 443: 320.363.3213

Joe Schneeweis, OSB
Schneeweis, Joe, OSB
Acquisitions Associate
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2124

Diana Symons
Symons, Diana
Social Sciences Librarian
CSB Clemens A108: 320.363.5296

Rebecca Terhaar
Terhaar, Rebecca
Office Coordinator
SJU Alcuin 211: 320.363.2119

Aaron Utke
Utke, Aaron
Multimedia Technician
SJU Quad 443: 320.363.2236

Ethan Wittrock
Wittrock, Ethan
Multimedia Technician
CSB Clemens A129: 320.363.5609

David Wuolu
Wuolu, David
Collection Development Librarian
SJU Alcuin 311: 320.363.2128