Latino/Latin American Studies Learning Community

Saint Ben's and Saint John's have received funding from the Bush Foundation to support the Latino/Latin American Studies Learning Community. The Learning Community sponsors co-curricular activities and events related to Latino and Latin American issues. It brings Latino and Latin American specialists and activists to campus for on-campus residencies, organizes reading circles on Latino and Latin American issues, promotes internships and service opportunities in campus outreach programs to the local Hispanic community, and sponsors Faculty curriculum development.


The Latino/Latin American Studies Learning Community seeks to support the coordinate mission of CSB/SJU to prepare students who “seek and value diversity” by promoting greater awareness and understanding of Latino and Latin American history and culture among the university and local communities. In doing so, the Learning Community endeavors to create an inviting campus environment for Latino and Latin American students and to help prepare the wider campus and local communities to interact respectfully, thoughtfully, and effectively with the rapidly growing Latino population of the United States and with the peoples of Latin America. The Learning Community fulfills its mission by sponsoring Latino and Latin American related events and programs on campus and by coordinating with existing monastery and university Latino community outreach projects, existing student groups, and the Latino/Latin American Studies Minor.

  1. To introduce Latino and Latin American issues to a large segment of the campus community.
  2. To promote enthusiasm for Latino and Latin American Studies among Learning Community members.
  3. To encourage Learning Community members to approach the study of Latino and Latin American cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  4. To provide the venues, materials, and resources necessary for student, faculty, and staff development.
  5. To increase opportunities for students to participate in Latino and Latin American related internships and careers.
  6. To build regional networks connecting groups concerned with Latinos and Latin Americans.