Latino/Latin American Studies Minor

Students majoring in any discipline can enroll in the Latino/Latin American Studies Minor. The Latino/Latin American Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary curriculum that explores the histories and cultures of the peoples of South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. The minor is also designed to give students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the diverse groups that comprise the U.S. Latino populations.

The minor consists of two required courses on Latino and Latin American history, politics, and culture, and three electives from a wide range of choices in History, Hispanic Studies, Political Science, English, and Theology.

Students can fulfill many of the Latino/Latin American Studies Minor requirements on the Saint John's and Saint Ben's study abroad programs in Chile and Guatemala.

The Latino/Latin American Studies Minor requires Spanish-language proficiency and twenty (20) credits of Latino/Latin American Studies courses: eight credits, required; and twelve units, elective. Classes will be conducted in English and Spanish, depending on the department which offers them. No more than 12 credits in advanced Hispanic Studies (HISP) coursework can count toward the LLAS minor. In other words, in addition to HISP 336 and HISP 337, only one additional HISP-designated course can count toward the LLAS minor.

Required Courses
HISP 336 - Latin American Culture
HISP 337 - Latino Identity in the United States

Special Requirements
Demonstrated proficiency in Spanish by completing Spanish 311 and 312 or by approval of the Spanish faculty. No more than 12 credits can be double-counted for the LLAS minor and the HISP major/minor.

Electives include:
Art 309B Latin American Art & Culture (Chile)
HIST 121 Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas: From Indigenous Empires to Colonized Peoples
HIST 122 Revolution and Repression in Modern Latin America
HIST 321 Colonial Mexico
HIST 322 Modern Mexico
HIST 323 Religion in Latin America
HIST 324 Issues in Modern Latin American History
HISP 321 Guatemalan Indigenous Communities (Guatemala)
HISP 328 History of Chile (Chile)
HISP 329 Seminar on Latin American Literature (Chile)
HISP 330 Latin American Society and Cinema (Chile)
HISP 340 Latin American Literature: Pre-Columbian to Independence
HISP 342 Latin American Literature: Independence to Modernismo
HISP 345 Latin American Literature: Modernismo to Present
HISP 355 Topics in Hispanic Literature (with LLAS topic)
HISP 356A Guatemalan History (Guatemala)
HISP 357 International Relations between Latin America and the U.S. (Chile)
POLS 347 Latin American Politics
SA 375 Ethnology of selected Culture Areas (Guatemala)
THEO 328 Hispanic Theology in the United States
THEO 329D Theologies of Liberation

And the following courses when taught by an appropriate faculty member:
(The approval of the Latino/Latin American Studies Program Director is necessary for these courses to count toward the minor.)

HIST 200 History Colloquium
HIST 389 Historiography and Methods
ENGL 355 Studies in Individual Authors
ENGL 365 Capstone: Comparative Literature of the Americas
ENGL 381 Literature by Women
ENGL 382 Multicultural Literature of the Americas
HIST 397 Internship
HISP 397 Internship
THEO 397 Internship
SA 398 Field Experience/Practicum (Chile)