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Chinese Program

Happy Chinese New Year!
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Sophia Geng, Assoc Professor
Office: Richarda P17, CSB
Phone: 320 363-5786
Email: [email protected]

Limei Danzeisen, Instructor
Office: Richarda P4, CSB
Phone: 320 363-5385
Email: [email protected]

Chinese Course Offerings

The Chinese Language and Culture Program started in the fall of 1968 as part of the Tri-College East Asian Studies Program. It is one of the earliest Chinese language and culture programs in the state of Minnesota.

The following courses serve to fulfill the global language requirement at CSB/SJU:

  • Chinese 111 (Elementary Chinese I)
  • Chinese 112 (Elementary Chinese II)
  • Chinese 211 (Intermediate Chinese I)

We also offer a minor in Chinese (20 credits):

  • CHIN 212 (Intermediate Chinese II) or 216 abroad
  • CHIN 311 (Chinese Conversation/Composition I) or 315 abroad
  • CHIN 312 (Chinese Conversation/Composition II) or 316 abroad
  • One course in CHIN literature or culture, such as:
    • CHIN 320: Chinese Literature in Translation
    • CHIN 321: Topics in Chinese Literature in Translation
    • CHIN 321/GEND 290B: Chinese Women in Literature
      Fulfills humanities, intercultural and gender requirements of the common curriculum. Also counts toward the Chinese minor (through the Languages & Cultures Department), Asian Studies major and minor (through the Asian Studies Program), and Gender Studies major and minor (through the Gender Studies Program)
    • CHIN 330: Topics in Chinese Culture
  • One course with focus on China from the Asian Studies Program or the Gender Studies Program, such as GEND 290 B: Chinese Women in Literature, HIST 316: China in Revolution, 1800-1949, and HIST 317: The People's Republic of China.

Note: Some of the study abroad courses taken at the Southwest University can count towards the minor. For questions on credit transfer, please contact Dr. Sophia Geng.

Chinese Corner & Tutors

Chinese Corner

Mondays - 6-8 p.m., HAB 120, CSB
Thursdays - 6-8 p.m., HAB 117, CSB

Open to the public!

Tutors and volunteer Chinese native speakers will be available to practice Chinese conversation and pronunciation or help with class exercises and homework for all levels of Chinese classes. All are welcome! Our "Study Buddy" table allows non-native speakers to converse easily with native speakers by switching between English and Chinese every 15 minutes. Join us Mondays and Thursdays throughout the semester!

Chinese Tutor

Get individualized help with your Chinese studies!
Contact our tutor to make an appointment: Zhiyuan He

Cultural Activities

There are numerous opportunities throughout each semester for students to engage in cultural activities on campus. Among those events are the Dumpling Social, Chinese Corner, and Movie Night.

Study Abroad in China

Students at CSB/SJU have the option of studying in China at our partner University near Chongqing for an entire semester, or can choose to complete research there in the summer.  In addition, students can opt to complete an internship in Shanghai or Hong Kong during the summer.

As a semester study abroad student in China, you have the opportunity to learn about contemporary China Business practices or admire Chinese traditions with calligraphy and martial arts, and to appreciate the natural beauty of the rural countryside, along with the skyscrapers of Shanghai.

  • Explore the cultural heritage and historical richness of China.
  • Travel to Bejing, Xian, Yunnan, Chongqing, and Shanghai.
  • Be introduced to Chinese language, Chinese history, Chinese Business, and Chinese culture.
  • Opportunity to teach English for a weekend in rural village.
  • Participate in the traditional forms and rituals of martial arts.

For more information, view our Education Abroad programs in China or contact Sophia Geng.

China Program 2013

Common Curriculum Learning Goals for Chinese

Students will:

  • Demonstrate a minimum proficiency level of novice-high for speaking, and novice-mid for reading and writing. Such levels mean that students have a functional command of the target language that allows them to communicate basic needs.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the cultural contexts being studied.

China is a growing power in our ever-changing world, and I was glad to enhance my global perspective, especially as it has helped me receive internships and job opportunities.

Sarah Haas
Political Science-Int. Relations Major
CSB Student Ambassador to China

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Chinese Language and Culture Program emphasizes enhancing students' research skills to help prepare them for independent or collaborative research in Asia-related fields. 

CSB/SJU students participating in the Fan Dance at Geng Cun, "the #1 Storytelling Village in China."

Great Reasons to Study Chinese

  • One fifth of the planet speaks Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world.
  • China is one of the world's oldest and richest continuous cultures, over 5000 years old! Language opens the door for you to get to know this great culture.
  • China is the second largest economy in the world. With China's fast growing economy, knowing Mandarin Chinese is a critical skill necessary to conduct international business, political, and cultural exchange.

Educators and politicians weigh in on the global advantage of young Americans studying Chinese.

The Chinese Program at CSB/SJU offers students a chance to discover the unique Chinese culture and language, whether through on-campus courses, events, and activities, or through semester-long and shorter-term study abroad programs.

View Prof. Geng's work on China's Oral Traditions and Stories from Dr.Geng's Chinese Folklore, Myth and Legend Class

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