JP Plunkett

Name: John Patrick Plunkett

Year: Junior

Hometown: Sunfish Lake, Minnesota

Major(s)/Minor(s): English, Creative Writing


How did you decide to become an English major?

I love writing stories and poems and couldn't imagine going into any other field of study.

How did you decide to come to CSB/SJU?

My family has been associated with CSB/SJU for many years and it really seemed like the right fit for me. Small classes, beautiful campus, and far enough from home that I could get some space.

What has been your favorite English course?

I've had 4 classes tied for my favorite one. Creative Writing, Reading Fiction, Reading Fiction and Poetry, and finally Literature Theory and Composition.

How do you feel about the professors?

The professors are down to earth and very cool.  They teach in a manner that makes it fun to learn and makes class, overall, enjoyable.

What's been your biggest challenge while being here?

Setting aside time to work on classes that I'm less interested in.

What are your plans post-CSB/SJU?

I plan to get a Masters in Screenwriting and start writing movie/TV scripts or go right into writing novels.