Study Abroad Sample Questions

Encountering Others:  Seeing You Seeing Me

  • How did you perceive the people of your host culture before you left?        
  • In what ways do you believe that others from your host culture perceived people from your culture before you arrived?  How did they perceive your presence while you were there? 
  • When have you experienced relationships that challenged your sense of self? 

Returning:  Navigation and Change

  • What were the comfortable, familiar things from your trip abroad that you miss now? 
  • Name specific things that you do to cope with times of disorientation.
  • What have you learned anew since returning from your experience abroad? 


Storytelling:  Reliving the Memories

  • Tell the story about something that startled you about being abroad. 
  • discrepancies do you notice when you listen to others from your group re-tell the stories?  Are they the same as how you remember the actual events? 
  • How has your experience abroad changed or confirmed the plan that you had laid out for the story of your life? 

Transforming:  Who was I Before?  Who was I Abroad?  Who do I Want to be Now? 

  • What three words describe who you were before you left, while you were abroad and where you desire to be in the future? 

Integrating:  Daily Life Experiences and Life's Big Questions

  • What little changes have you been noticing since you've been back?
  • What are the little things that you cold do regularly to keep your experience abraod alive?