Reflections Related to Study Abroad and Internships

Study Abroad Programs

Socrates has said that "the unexamined life is not worth living."  At the College of St. Benedict we take this to heart through the ways in which we reflect on our experiences rather than merely letting them happen.  Our study abroad programs have consistently been regarded as one of the many classrooms our students are priveliged to enter.  We are currently ranked second in the nation in terms of participation of students choosing the study abroad experience.  With this in mind it is imperative that time is taken to do some reflecting upon those experiences.  This will help in many ways to deepen the experience and have it touch the heart cord that allows us to be transformed in ways we can only imagine. 

For some, re-entry can be a challenge upon completion of their study abroad time.  This is why Companions on a Journey and the Center for International Education have collaborated to develop a method and guide for thoughtful contemplation, dialogue and exploration.  Explore here a sample of some of the questions that are asked.  Please contact the Companions on the Journey office to learn more about how this might be helpful for you.


Internships are another way in which students can practice their life's work.  Through the daily challenges and joys of working, students can come to a deeper understanding and clarity about their particular vocational journey.  Reflecting intentionally on the day to day ways in which their experience affects their intended journey can be quite powerful and transformational.  Companions on a Journey has helped to develop a set of reflections for students to take a meaningful look at their work. Contact our office for more information [email protected] or 320-363-5939.