What is it like to participate in a Journey Group?
How have Journey Groups made a difference?

But, in this group, we do know that we will be held with care, respect, trust, and the knowledge that through our successes and challenges there will be a group of women each month who are truly listening to our story with the ear of their heart.

Jessica Guentzel, class of 2005 and Journey Group Facilitator

These women respond with their experiences; how they have been inspired by others who, like them, have have a desire to experience something more for their lives.

Allie Reinsvold, Class 0f 2013

At our last meeting of the year one of the girls in my group remarked on how difficult the reflection questions were to answer, but that is what this program is about. It is about asking the hard questions, and not necessarily finding answers but at least finding people to accompany you as you journey toward the answers.

Monica Fallon, Class of 2012

Once a month for two hours we have the opportunity to have that conversation with a group of women who truly want to know your response to: "How are you?"

Shannon Preston, Class of 2011

We all have different goals. We were all different, yet each of us could see that we fit into these different roles. I saw that each of us had these phenomenal qualities and potential and how we all wanted to do something helping others or were doing it already. It was so easy to recognize God in these women in the impact they will be and are making now.

Maria Gau, Class of 2010

Overall, it's not about the place our Journey Group has found to meet (that secret suite on the third floor of the Main). It's not about knowing what to say when we're there. What I have gained from Journey Group is peace in the Silence. Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God." Journey Group has taught me to take the time to be silent, and remember that God is everywhere.

Laura Kinowski, Class of 2009

I think it is safe to say that joining a Journey group has given me a new perspective, opened up possibilities for reflection and expanded my heart. I feel so blessed to feel safe, welcome, and cared about with my journey group.

Charmagne Tessmer, Class of 2008

The women in my group are amazing, beautiful people and they inspire me so much. I owe a lot of who I am today to the questions they've challenged me with and the support they've offered.

Barb Novak, Facilitator

The first is the ability to listen. When I say listen, I truly mean this process allows us to learn how to listen to someone, to let them tell their story, to give someone our full attention without interrupting, without turning their story into our story, and being respectful of their thoughts.

Jessica Guentzel, Class of 2005 and Facilitator

It has been really special to be paired up with first-year students. Having just moved myself, I've found that we are really dealing with a lot of similar experiences, and I could relate to them in many ways. We were leaving old friends behind, trying to make new ones. We were getting used to moving, and settling in to a new environment. We've gotten to ask deep questions as we explore the wonders of life's revelations, and the depths of its challenges: Friendships, love, settling in, change, forgiveness, faith...