Food For Thought

Do you have a burning question you'd like answered?  
              Do you and a group of your friends wonder about the same thing? 
                          Are you in a club or student organization and would like to enhance your experience?

Food For Thought is an opportunity for students of CSB and SJU to enjoy great dinner conversation while discussing the topic of vocation or other life-direction issues.  Food For Thought is a workshop with you in mind to enhance your educational and life experiences here at St Ben's and St John's.  The workshop takes place at a time convenient for your schedule: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, afternoon snack, or even an early evening dessert. 

We can help you choose a topic, set the agenda, find a speaker, and plan the guest list.  Listed here are some topics from which you may select.  Or, if you prefer, you may choose your own topic.  

  • Life Choices:  Vocation vs Profession.  Is It A Passion or Career?
  • Stereotypes
  • Conflicts and Conversion
  • Leading a Significant Life
  • Vocation of Marriage
  • Learning in War-time
  • Deepening Our Own Cultural Awareness
  • Living in a Global Economy
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Medical Ethics

 Criteria for a Food For Thought workshop.  The event must

  • Be a student-based event
  • Discuss Vocational or other life-direction issue
  • Enhance Student Development

Any size group is welcome.  Foo For Thought workshops can be tailored for any environment.  Plan a workshop for your dorm, your club, classmates, or just about any group of people small or large.

We welcome you to dine with faculty, faculty residents, Staff, Dorm-mates, friends, and others while engaging in intriguing conversation about your life’s vocation.

Submit a request for a Food For Thought workshop today!