Companions on a Journey

Companions on a Journey is about you, us, God, and the rest of creation. Our programming is dedicated to exploring our vocation in the context of "Who am I and who am I called to become so I can love as God Loves."

Read what current Journey Group participants had to say:

When given the time to stop and reflect, you can find things about yourself that are not always evident in the scattered, rushed, and busy life we live everyday.
Bridget Mathiowetz '15

I have learned the meaning of unconditional acceptance, the importance of taking time to reflect, and how the process of discovering oneself can be both painful and joyful.
Ellie Vanasse '16

I think that this is such a unique environment that really pushed me to listen to what my heart is saying and not what I think other people want to hear. 
Missy Rose '18