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IWL Staff 2015 - 2016

Lisa Tu

Student Director

[email protected]  

Lisa Tu

Majors/Minors: Nursing

Favorite Artist: Disney, The Piano Guys, Sam Smith, Tori Kelly, John Legend, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys

Favorite Superhero: Baymax

Favorite Feminist: Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Laverne Cox

Involvement: Intercultural LEAD, Vietnamese Student Association, APISF Scholar

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's leadership is showing the world that women cannot be placed into boxes and labeled. It is empowering and investing in women's ability to succeed in whatever career they choose and not allowing others define their success.

What does the IWL mean to you? The IWL is a group of strong and brilliant women with a passion to redefine and reconstruct society's definition of gender roles and feminism. It is a group that programs events to provide opportunities that empower the CSB/SJU community to become knowledge seekers and well-rounded leaders.

Anna Hueg

Program Coordinator

Anna Hueg

Majors/Minors: Communication major, Gender Studies and Political Science minor

Favorite Artist: Beyonce

Favorite Superhero: Kim Possible

Favorite Feminist: Sheryl Sandberg, Emma Watson, bell hooks, Hillary Clinton

Involvement: Hynes Scholars Alumna, CSB Senate, writer for The Record

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women using their skills, talents, and gifts to make the world a more meaningful place, empower themselves and others, and pave a path to a more equal, inclusive world.

What does the IWL mean to you? The IWL is a place to celebrate women's accomplishments, address women's issues, and foster CSB women's courage, strength, and boldness!

Rachel Benson

Program Coordinator

Majors/Minors: Environmental Studies Major, Economics minor

Favorite Artist: Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Favorite Feminist: Malala Yousafzai

Involvement: Fair Trade Committee, Benedictine Friends, UNFCCC student delegation, Eco-Reps

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's leadership is not about leading like a woman, but rather leading as a woman. It's about conquering social expectations and gender roles in order for women to engage their greatest potential. It is women pursuing their own passions and strengths to contribute to a better world, as any leader would.

What does the IWL mean to you? The IWL is an organization that empowers women to not only achieve a role as a leader in the workplace one day, but as a leader in society. It is there to challenge economic, political, and social expectations in order to give women a toolkit of confidence, certainty, and self-reliance. The IWL also means educating all people about gender norms and their implications in meaningful ways.

Bridget Erickson

Women's Expeditions Coordinator

Bridget Erickson

Majors/Minors: Global Business Leadership major, French minor

Favorite Artist: Lake Street Dive, the Avett Brothers, John Denver

Favorite Superhero: Mrs. Incredible

Favorite Feminist: Emma Watson

Involvement: Square One, Benedictine Friends, Eco-Rep, Health & Wellness, Campus Ministry

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's leadership begins with the individual, but is not complete without the fellowship of all women around the globe working on common goals. I believe that if each woman uses her unique strengths to lead, she will empower and inspire those around her to do so as well. This will create a network of women who complement and challenge each other and the world around them.

What does the IWL mean to you?

The IWL provides Bennies with outlets and opportunities to realize their potential and strengths, step out of their comfort zones, and embrace what it means to be a woman who leads.

Kenea Andrews

Intercultural Women's Representative

Kenea Andrews

Majors/Minors: Biology major, Gender Studies minor

Favorite Artist: Tori Kelly

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Favorite Feminist: bell hooks

Involvement: Archipelago Association, Cultural Affairs Board, CSB Senate, Hynes Scholars Alumna, Element Dance Club

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's leadership means having the courage to represent women against all odds. Furthermore, this means being able to overcome fear to become an exemplary figure for women to emulate.

What does the IWL mean to you? The IWL is a vitally important for to me on campus because it is a department created to educate women of all walks of life. The IWL in one word means "Hope" for the women passing through St. Ben's to get an accurate view of who they are and where they are called to be in life.

Hanna Pioske photo

Hanna Pioske

Public Relations Coordinator

Hanna Pioske

Majors/Minors: Political Science, English minor

Favorite Artist: Nina Simone, Lake Street Dive, literally any musical

Favorite Superhero: Batman

Favorite Feminist: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Involvement: International Affairs Club, Hynes Scholars Alumna

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's leadership means helping women to realize their full potential as students and leaders in the world. This means developing leadership skills that women can use to make their mark. Most of all, to me women's leadership means celebrating the skills women already posess!

What does the IWL mean to you? The IWL is a voice for women's empowerment on both campuses, and provides resources to educate both Bennies and Johnnies about gender equality and women's leadership.



Sarah Berry

Hynes Scholars Student Coordinator

Sarah Berry

Majors/Minors: Communication major, Theater and German minor

Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Superhero: Elastigirl from the Incredibles

Favorite Feminist: My Mother

Involvement: CSB Senate, Hynes Scholars Alumna, Campus Ministry, Benedictine Friends, CSB Theater Department, and Drama Club.

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's Leadership means inspiring women and men to pursue their passions and aspire to achieve greatness no matter the struggles they've faced or are facing surrounding gender equality.

What does the IWL mean to you? To me the IWL means the chance to be the very best Bennie I can be, encompassing everything that it means to be a CSB student: courage, strength, and boldness.


Theresa Wenner

First-Years Forward Coordinator

Majors/Minors: Biology, Pre-Physical Therapy

Favorite Song: Florida Georgia Line

Favorite Superhero: Power Puff Girls

Involvement: ESSS lab assistant, Benedictine Friends

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women's leadership empowers Bennies to reach their full potential. It means taking initiative and confidently presenting ones-self as a leader.

What does the IWL mean to you? I believe that the IWL creates an encouraging environment for women to demonstrate their leadership skills. Women have immense opportunities with our time spent here at CSB that help us to transition into the real world as powerful, strong leaders.



Lucy Dornbach

Event Planning Coordinator

Lucy Dornbach

Majors/Minors: Gender Studies Major, Hispanic Studies and Political Science Minors

Favorite Artist: Bon Iver, the Lumineers, Drake, Rihanna

Favorite Superhero: Edna Mode

Favorite Feminist: Eve Ensler

Involvement: Peer Resource Program, Hynes Scholars 2016-2017 Cohort, Benedictine Friends, CSB/SJU Theater Department

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? When I think of women's leadership, I think of women who unapologetically bring new insights, ideas, conversations and confidence to this society.

What does the IWL mean to you? The IWL provides opportunities and introduces conversations about ways in which the women of this campus can develop strength, confidence and the ability to embrace being a woman in today's society.

Magnolia Ditzlerm                                  Feminist Justice Coordinator 

Magnolia Ditzler 

Majors/Minors: Gender studies & Hispanic Studies

Favorite Artists: Carloine Smith, Y La Bamba, Nico, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Carla Bruni 

Favorite Feminists: Alice Walker & Andi Zeisler 

Favortie Super Hero: Moms & Dads 

Involvement: Peer Resource Program & Full Circle Green House

What Does Women's Leadership Mean to You?: It's a well know fact amongst feminists that women will lead the revolution for peace. To me women's leadership means being and supporting the women (equally) representing in powerful positions, the women standing up for feminist social justice, and the women being the archtechtes of the future. 

What Does IWL Mean to You?: To me the IWL is our campus's resource to Bennies. IWl provides Bennies with oppertunities to learn, grow and stand up for themselves and their fellow sisters.