Undergraduate Student Profile

Enrollment Trends

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University together enrolled 3,860 first-year to senior students in fall 2013, marking the eighth consecutive year total combined undergraduate enrollment has exceeded 3,800 students.  The ratio of women and men generally has stayed within the range of 52:48 in the last decade.  Saint Benedict and Saint John's together have a closer gender balance than most private colleges in the state.  In fall 2013, men made up just 44% of total undergraduate private college enrollment in Minnesota (excluding all single gender institutions). 

Total undergraduate enrollment has remained nearly steady since 2001.  The colleges' combined private college market share - approximately 10% - has been stable for nearly a decade.  In fall 2013, the College of Saint Benedict enrolled over 8% of all female private college students in the state, while Saint John's University enrolled nearly 11% of all private college men. 

Enrollment Profile

In fall 2013, the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University enrolled undergraduate students from 39 states and 31 foreign countries (includes both regular and special enrollment).  International students made up slightly more than 5% of all undergraduates. 

American students of color comprised 13.2% of all CSB and SJU undergraduates in fall 2013.  The colleges enrolled 513 American students of color, the highest number ever (includes regular and special enrollment). 

In fall 2013, over 80% of all undergraduates live in college residence halls or apartments.  Approximately 6% live in campus-sponsored housing while studying abroad.   Additionally, in fall 2013, nearly 100% of all available housing spaces between the two campuses were fully occupied.  The percentage of students living on-campus at CSB/SJU is significantly higher than the Minnesota private college average.