Alumnae and Alumni Profile

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University together have more than 46,000 alumnae and alumni of record - 21,841 at CSB and 25,001 at SJU.  Saint Benedict alumnae are comparatively young; more than three-quarters of all CSB alumnae have graduated since 1980, compared to 65% of all alumni at Saint John's. 

Though nearly 8 in 10 CSB and SJU students come from Minnesota, many pursue opportunities outside of the state after graduation.  As of July 2013, 33% of all CSB alumnae and 41% of all SJU alumni lived outside of Minnesota.  The highest alumni concentrations outside of Minnesota were in Wisconsin, California, and Illinois.  Nearly 3% of alumnae and alumni live outside of the United States.

Twenty-one percent of CSB alumnae and over 28% of SJU alumni are known to have completed a graduate or professional degree.  As student degree aspirations rise, and as the labor market continues to reward those who have pursued education beyond the baccalaureate degree, the number of graduates who report earning an advanced degree likely will rise.  Approximately 80% of all 2013-14 seniors at the College of Saint Benedict and 75% of seniors at Saint John's University indicate that they expect to eventually earn a graduate or professional degree.

Occupational choices vary significantly among men and women.  Twenty-one percent of all CSB alumnae with known occupations work in education-related jobs, compared to just 12% of all SJU alumni.  Women also are more likely than men to work in health-related professions.  Over 28% of Saint John's graduates are employed in business and computer-related fields, compared to about 18% of all Saint Benedict graduates.  In total, 56% of CSB and SJU graduates work in three broad occupational clusters:  business and computers (24%), education (16%) and healthcare (16%).

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