Hard Drives & Storage

Portable SSDPortable Solid-State Drive


Our 500 GB portable solid-state drives are perfect for multimedia projects. These drives have fast Read-Write speeds up to 450 MB/s and utilize a USB 3.1 connection. Drive checkout is best used in conjunction with the SJU and the CSB Creative Labs. Formatted for Mac computers only. Each drive comes with USB cable and case.

External Hard DriveLacie Rugged External Hard Drive


Our 500 GB hard drives are a great storage solution for those projects that require a large amount of file space. These drives are portable and easy to take with you across both campuses. Hard drive checkout is best used in conjunction with the the SJU and the CSB Creative Labs. Hard drives are formatted for Mac computers only. USB 2.0, 3.0 and firewire hubs available. Connection cables are provided within the editing labs only.

SD CardsSD Cards (Available at the Learning Commons)


Commonly used with our video cameras for extending recording times, these SD cards are a versatile solid-state storage solution. Our cards are fast enough for demanding data writing like HD video and fit into any SD card slots including those found on our Canon VIXIA video cameras and iMac computers. Cards are 16GB. Available for checkout only at Learning Commons 182.

USB Flash DrivesUSB Flash Drives (Recording Studio)


Our USB Flash drives are available for use with our Recording Studio in the BAC Music Library at CSB. Because our Recording Studio requires a device to record audio to, these flash drives are made available for students that do not have a personal device to use. With 8GB of space, these USB drives will provide ample room for saving multiple long recordings. Once a recording is finished, plug the USB flash drive into any computer USB port for file transfer.

Card ReaderKingston 19-in-1 USB Card Reader


The Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 card reader gives you instant support for current and legacy flash media formats on nearly any USB-equipped computer. Compatible formats include CF, SD, SDHC, miniSD, miniSDHC, microSD, microSDHC, & Memory Stick. Includes reader, case and USB cable.