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Tarik Hujdurovic


Name: Tarik Hujdurovic

Hometown: Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Birthday: 11/24

Place of peace on campus: Gym

I'm most authentically myself when.... I'm with friends

Quick Bio:
My name is Tarik Hujdurovic and I am going to be a senior, with a major in Global Business Leadership and a minor in Communication. I am a member of the varsity basketball team on campus.

Campus Involvement:  Basketball team, Enactus, Human Resources Club

About which aspect(s) of diversity are you most passionate? 

The aspect that I am most passionate about in regards to diversity would have to be personality. Each individual is unique in their own way and brings different skill set to the table, and as members of a larger society, we have to accept those and allow for people to be who they really are.

What advice would you like to give continuing students? 

Look at yourself now and when you first came in; realize how this place has shaped you and where you want to be in life in the future and go get it!