Sheng Xiong

Name: Sheng Xiong

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Birthday: 01/29

Quick Bio:
I am a Hmong-American woman born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am the fourth child of seven children in my family and I attended Patrick Henry High School in North Minneapolis, where the majority of the students were Blacks and Hmong. I have grown up in a multicultural environment and have always felt most comfortable around those who where like me. As a senior majoring in Sociology, I am passionate about helping others who has been discriminated, misguided, and underrepresented. I want to use what I have learned and experienced to help better myself as an individual and the community.
I consider myself an active person. I love playing sports, especially volleyball and badminton. I played all throughout high school and when I got to college I played them occasionally. I also like going fishing. I don't know much, but I just love the rush when I know there is a fish on the end of my line. It's a pretty awesome feeling. I might seem shy at first, but I am a pretty cool and funny person. So, try and get to know me.