Break Information

    Long Weekends, Holiday, Semester and Spring Breaks

    2013-2014 Academic Year

    Fall Semester Classes Begin

    August 26

    Long Weekend - No Classes

    October 7-8

    Thanksgiving Recess - No Class

    November 27-29

     Finals Exams

    December 17-20

    Fall Semester Ends

    December 20

    Spring Semester Classes Begin

    January 15

    Spring Break - No Classes

    February 28 - March 7

    Easter Recess - No Classes

    April 18-21

    Scholarship & Creativity Day - No Classes

    April 24

    Final exams

    May 13-16

    Spring semester ends

    May 16

    It is very important that students do not make plans to leave campus early or arrive back late in a way that you would miss classes or exams.

    During breaks, students are able to stay in the resident halls or apartments. Some international students will choose stay on campus, other students choose to travel though out the US or home, and other students who have made good connections with U.S. friends might get invited to their homes to spend all or part of the breaks.

    Our campuses are located in rural and small town settings, off campus dining and entertainment options, while available, are relatively limited. During some breaks campus services such as dining, library and transportation are reduced or even closed completely.

    During Semester break, Minnesota is cold, snowy and the daylight hours are short. Because of this, we encourage students, if possible to make plans to travel off campus or go home. For CSB students, the college is completely closed December 24 to January 3. This means that:

    • There will be no CSB campus food service, open offices, library hours, athletic facilities, etc. available.
    • Lighting will be turned down and heat will be set at 55of or 12.78oC in hallways, bathrooms, common and kitchen areas. Heating in individual rooms will be normal.