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Frida Alvarez


Name: Frida Alvarez

Hometown: St Paul, MN

Birthday: 12/13

Place of peace on campus: Library (Clemens or Alcuin)

I'm most authentically myself when I'm.... dancing.

Quick Bio:
My name is Frida. It's German and means peace and what a good deal since I am a Peace Studies Major! (the best major on campus if you ask me...) I'll be 21 in December, team Sagittarius! I was born and raised in Saint Paul, MN. I'm a first generation student and first generation born in the U.S. Don't judge a book by its cover, come talk to me in the office sometime! I love hearing from my peers and working with you all :) Peace and love always.

Campus Involvement: Peace Studies Club, ELAC, Aprendemos Juntos, and Prison Ministry

About which aspect(s) of diversity are you most passionate?

I think the great thing about me is that I'm passionate about all aspects of diversity. I encourage racial, sex/gender, sexual orientation, religious, and other forms of diversity.

What advice would you like to give to continuing students?

Keep on keeping on! You're still continuing school so you're doing alright. Reach out to your support system in the last year, the last semester, whenever you need them. Remember there are people out there that are cheering you on everyday to see you become a better you.