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Chayce Kenny



Name: Chayce Kenny

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Birthday: 08/25

Place of peace on campus: Koi Pond

I'm most authentically myself when I'm.... fighting for what I believe in.

Quick Bio:
Hi, I'm Chayce and I'm a senior with a major in Cultural Studies, with a plan to go to graduate school for Higher Ed Administration. I grew up in a military family and lived all over, my favorite place probably being Germany. I love to travel and plan on seeing absolutely every place I get the chance to visit.


Campus Involvement: People Representing the Sexual Minority (PRiSM), Sociology and Anthropology Club, Peace Studies Club, Extending the Link, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Delegation

About which aspect(s) of diversity are you most passionate? 

Intersectionality, which is the idea that diversity isn't based off of one aspect of identity such as race but multiple identities and aspects of self. It takes into account how different identities play into and work with each other to create social atmosphere, injustices, and disparities, which helps us understand the best way to create and foster equity and diversity.

What advice would you like to give to continuing students? 

Make sure you stay involved, or you get involved if you aren't yet. As we progress schedules get busier and times get tighter, but make sure you force yourself to do things you enjoy and participate in campus groups and life beyond just academics.