Intercultural Directions Council

Intercultural competence is the ability to engage, learn from and work with people whose cultural identity is different from one’s own.

The Role of the Intercultural Directions Council

To empower, facilitate, assess and provide data, resources and feedback to the CSB/SJU communities so as to enhance intercultural competence. This process will embrace an integral and collaborative approach that over time engages all aspects of both institutions. The Strategic Directions Council expects the IDC to provide quality and timely information in order to inform the SDC in institutional planning.

Thursday, November 13 - KEYNOTE
Beyond Celebrating Diversity: The Consciousness of a Social Justice Educator and Activist
7:30pm Gorecki 204BC, CSB

Friday, November 14 - Workshop open to Campus Community
Achievement Gap or Opportunity Gap?: Countering Deficity Ideology in Education
9-11am, Gorecki 120, CSB

Members for 2014-2015

Vice President for Student Development Mary Geller
Academic Dean Karen Erickson
Representative from:
Center for Global Education Joe Rogers
Office of Experiential Learning Marah Jacobson-Schulte
Fine Arts Programming Brian Jose
Office of Human Resources Carol Abell
Office of International/Intercultural Student Services    Brandyn Woodard
Student Activities, Leadership and Orientation Andy Dirksen
Academic Advising Theresa Anderson
Admission Jillian Hiscock
ESL and EBL Sarah Pruett
Faculty Deborah Pembleton (GBUS)
Terri Rodriguez (EDUC)
Aric Putnam (COMM)
Kate Graham (FoCuS faculty)  
CSB Senate Mai Ton Yang (Fall)
Jerly Alcala (Spring)
SJU Senate Ramond Mitchell
Cultural Affairs Board Julia Vang
Edwin Torres