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Graduate School Information

There are many issues to consider when deciding if graduate school is the next step for you. Graduate school is an investment of time and money, and you want to be sure that you are applying to programs that will best prepare you for the career options that you want to pursue.

The most important advice is to talk to your advisor! History professors want to help you determine if graduate school will help you meet your career goals, the pros and cons of attending graduate school, and which programs might be right for you. Come see us!

As a student: 1) determine in which area(s) of the field you would like to work, and 2) choose a program with a concentration that specializes in that particular area.  Opportunities for internships and connections for other types of networking and work placement also are critical.

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American Historical Association (AHA)    

Concider questions about your motives, aspirations and intrests in the field of history and in doctoral programs.

National Council on Public History

Public history carreers & training programs [X]

Public history graduate programs [X]

American Library Association

Information on programs for those interested in library and information studies

Society of American Archivists    

This website provides information on programs, careers, and many other topics.

Beyond Academe

This website offers both advice for history PhDs looking for jobs outside the academy and also ideas about possible career paths and ways for grad students to position themselves for the widest scope of jobs.