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Meghan Flannery


Carver County Historical Society in Waconia

Carver County Historical Society in Waconia is in the process of purchasing a historic farm... [that] belonged to Andrew Peterson, a Swedish immigrant and farmer in Minnesota.

My responsibilities include: photographing, measuring, and physically examining the horse carriages... and to decide which horse carriages CCHS should keep for their historical programming.

I chose this internship because it offered me the most career experience in the field of public history. I am getting in-depth experience of the workings and needs of a small museum, an understanding of how a small museum responds to the needs of the public, [and] learning about what a museum has to do in order to develop a new historical interpretative site.

Why major in history?

My history major has given me an awareness and respect for history, no matter the time period, location, or topic matter. My new challenge as an aspiring public historian is to present to the public these historical realties without oversimplifying them. Critical thinking, historical analysis, argumentative writing, research and public speaking skills have all proven to be valuable. My history major from CSB/SJU gave the confidence and abilities to complete the major projects that CCHS has assigned to me.