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Kenneth Jones

Academic Interests:

20th century US History (domestic and foreign policy),sports, film, and health care/public health issues.


Working on a book on the distribution of the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and how the nation's response to the issues of scarcity and equity in this case both reflected and shaped the larger debate on the proper role of the Federal government in insuring the health of its citizens.


The Loaf that Became a Legend: A History of Saint John's Bread [Amazon]


I started teaching at Arizona State University, but realized I wanted to be at a smaller school with a liberal arts focus and an emphasis on teaching. I came here in 1976 and have happily stayed ever since. Besides teaching history and First Year Seminar, I have led the CSB/SJU program to improve faculty teaching (the Learning Enhancement Service), and am now directing the Common Curriculum.


Contact Information:

Office: Richarda N6
Phone: 320 363 5224
Office Hours:
By Appointment

Educational Information:

Ph.D: Cornell University
B.A: University of California at Santa Cruz

Courses: Taught

HIST 152: American Experience
HIST 200: History Colloquium
HIST 357: United States From World War I to 1960
HIST 358: United States Since 1960
HIST 368: United States and the World
HIST 395: Historiography & Methods