Elisabeth Wengler

Contact Information:
Office:  Richarda N7, CSB
Phone: 320 363 5190
Email:  ewengler@csbsju.edu                                                                  

Place of birth:
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Educational Information:
Ph.D. and M.A.: Boston College
B.A: Trinity College


Academic Interests:
Dr. Wengler is an Early Modern European historian with particular emphasis on France. She focuses on European religious history from 1300 to 1800, Renaissance Italy, Reformation Europe, and the French Revolution. In addition, she specializes in women, men, gender, and the family in European history from the later Middle Ages through the 18th century.

While I was finishing my PhD, I taught history courses as Boston College, Boston University, and Suffolk University (Boston). I joined the CSB/SJU faculty in 2000.

HIST 141: Europe from the Black Death to the French Revolution
HIST 200: History Colloquium: Debating the French Revolution
          Learning through Role-Play: Reacting to the Past (YouTube)
HIST 333: Gender and Society in Western Europe
HIST 336: The Renaissance
HIST 337: The Age of Reformation

"Rethinking 'Calvin's Geneva': Women, Agency, and Religious Authority in Reformation Geneva," in Proceedings of the Western Society for French History 35 (2008), 55-70.

"That in future times they will know our suffering for the love of God...:" Jeanne de Jussie's Petite Chronique and the creation of convent identity," in Studies in Early Modern France 11 (2007), 27-43.