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April Bondhus


Wright County Public Defender's Office

I chose this internship in the public defender’s office because of my interest in law. I knew that my history degree could potentially help me become a lawyer and I wanted to explore that possibility. Most of my responsibilities as an intern were duties such as interviewing clients, taking statements from witnesses, and researching criminal history.

Why major in history?

The history major at CSB/SJU has provided me with many skills that are not limited to the field of history. Within the major I have learned how to write professionally, evaluate arguments, do relevant research, and interact with people from different cultures. All of these skills helped me in my internship by preparing me for the professional world and by teaching me how to better understand the world we live in today. In my internship I worked primarily with the criminal investigator and in that work I learned the value of my major. With the skills I’ve learned in the history major I was able to provide a new perspective and help the criminal investigator exhaust all possible explanations for a case. The history major teaches students to explore new perspectives which allows students to better understand the world we live in.