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Department News

Spring 2017     Patricia Bolaños-Fabres receives prestigious Fulbright Scholar Award. Read more here.

Spring 2017   Congratulations to Patricia Bolaños-Fabres for receiving promotion to full professor!

Spring 2016   Congratulations to Roy Ketchum for receiving tenure at CSB/SJU! 

Hispanic Studies faculty release book on gender and Hispanic film and literature

Congratulations to Tania Gómez, Christina Mougoyanni Hennessy, and Patricia Bolaños-Fabres on the publication of their new book titled Gender in Hispanic Literature and Visual Arts. The collaboration by the three professors of Hispanic Studies resulted in an "eclectic collection of essays that takes the ongoing conversations about gender in the Hispanic world into the twenty-first century." The book "examines cultural discourses on women in the Hispanic World and offers insightful and nuanced analyses of contemporary literary works, films, performances, and paintings." Gender in Hispanic Literature and Visual Arts is published by Lexington Books and can be purchased through the CSB/SJU Bookstore and on Amazon. 


Hispanic Studies and Spanish Club T-shirt Fundraiser

CSB/SJU Spanish Club is offering two new t-shirt designs as part of a fundraiser to support their on-campus programming this year. Students, faculty and staff can choose between two designs, one in black featuring a quote by Rigoberta Menchú, Guatemalan activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and another in heather red featuring a quote by Cantinflas, actor, producer, and screenwriter who often portrayed impoverished Mexican campesinos.

T-shirt on left reads: "La paz es hija de la convivencia, de la educación, del diálogo." -Rigoberta Menchú
(Translation: "Peace is the daughter of coexistence, of education, of dialogue.")

T-shirt on right reads: "Yo amo, tú amas, él ama, nosotros amamos, ustedes aman, ellos aman. Ojalá no fuese conjugación sino realidad." -Cantinflas
(Translation: "I love, you love, he loves, we love, you all love, they love.  If only it weren't a (verb) conjugation but reality.")


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