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Who, What, Where, When, Why, How, How Much Summary

A good first step to make when considering whether to seek funding is completing a short summary (1-2 pages) of your intended project.  Preparing this summary will not only help you focus and define your project, but also will be very useful in developing a good list of funding prospects.  Here are some relevant questions to answer in the summary.

Who: (Who is involved?  Who will do the work and who will benefit?)

What: (What change will you make, what is the goal?  What will be different and better as a result?)

Where: (Where will the activity take place?)

When: (When will you start and what is the length of project?)

Why: (Why are you doing the work, in other words, describe the NEED for the project.  This is one of the most important questions.)

How: (How will you reach your goal?  What actions will you employ? Note:  this does NOT mean how will you pay for it.)

How much: (How much money do you estimate you'll need?)

If you can satisfactorily answer these questions, you will have made an excellent start on writing your proposal.