Alumnae/i in Asia (& Beyond)

Are you an alumnae of the Teaching in Asia (& Beyond) program? We would greatly appreciate your feedback about your experience! Please take our alumnae survey so we can better inform and prepare our students about the programs.


Southwest University                                                       

  • Somy Xiong (2009)
  • Anlinh Bui (2009)
  • Brett Pequin (SJU)
  • Peter Jordet (2008)

Maryknoll China Teachers Program

  • Matthew Kortz (currently teaching)
  • Joe Kack (currently teaching)
  • Raquel Guidel (2009)
  • Molly Maxbauer (2009)

Chinese Society of Education Training Center

  • Mary

Interim Teaching in China

In the summer of 2009, six undergraduate students from Prof. Sophia Geng's May Term course "Economic Development and Social Change in China" stayed in China after the class ended to teach English at Binzhou University in Shandong Province. These students are:

  • Shawn Thurston (2009)
  • Bernice David (2009)
  • Brittany Coates (2009)
  • Sherron Gibbs (2009)
  • Benjamin Casner (2009)
  • Hannah Nelson (2009)


Orden Bunka Center

  • Frederick Jones (currently teaching)
  • Rachel Mathwig (currently teaching)
  • Courtney Kimball (currently teaching)
  • Jeff Schwinghammer (2008)
  • Nicole Bach (2009)
  • Mike Lambert (2009)

Okinawa Shogaku

  • Senai Mesfin, '13 grad (currently teaching)
  • Jordan Gilmore, '13 grad (currently teaching)
  • Pisseny Xiong, '13 grad (currently teaching)
  • Sarah Anderson, '13 grad (currently teaching)
  • Brett Hendrickson. Brett currently works for Saint John's Prep School as a Dorm Director.
  • Jillian Rigg/McKenzie (2009). Jillian currently works at CSB/SJU and is available to discuss her experiences with prospective applicants until December 1, after which she will be off-campus until the end of spring semester. Interested applicants may email her at [email protected].
  • Andrea Lewandowski (2009)
  • Nicholas Bingham (2009)
  • Anthony Jones (2008). Anthony, who majored in Math and Secondary Education at 2009, will teach mathematics. He is the first 2009/2009 student hired at Okisho to teach a subject other than English.

Bunkyo Gakuin University

  • Nicholas Homen (currently teaching)
  • Andrew Karel (currently teaching)
  • Alex Kady (2009)
  • Bryan Timm (2009)

JET Program

  • Gwen Marrin (currently teaching)
  • Aaron Brown (2009)