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The Spring 2014 Winners

1st Place People's Choice: Hannah Iverson, Cork, Ireland
Photo Name: "Exploring the Dark Hedges of Antrim"
Description: One of the things that really sets the Cork program apart is that there are no scheduled trips, we are responsible for planning all of our own travel. My group went to Northern Ireland for a weekend and several of us wanted to see the Dark Hedges while we were there. We had the entire area to ourselves and got to spend time enjoying the beautiful, peaceful hedges. This was especially meaningful after our travels the day before which had been on a bus tour that involved us hopping on and off the bus on a tight schedule. It was great to be back on our own schedule and travelling at our own pace. Our trip to Northern Ireland and the Dark Hedges really reinforced why I picked the Cork program, the freedom to travel.

2nd place- Jenna Maus, Austria
Photo Name: "Full Circle"
On our last day in Salzburg a small group of us decided to climb one of the surrounding mountains. It seemed fitting since it is the same thing the whole group did our first weekend in Salzburg. It was a bittersweet hike, as we reminisced about the difficult hike our first weekend, and how much closer we had grown as a group since then. As we took in the view of Salzburg one last time, I felt a sense of completeness, and for the first time, realized it truly is the journey that matters and not the end.

3rd Place: Pa Kou Thao, Japan
Photo Name: "Bennies and Johnnies Playing the Shamisen"
Description: This photo reflects Bennies and Johnnies integrating themselves into the Japanese culture, with other foreign exchange students from other parts of the world, by learning a traditional instrument.

Group Photo: Renee Ries, Roman-Greco
Photo Name: "Greek Sunsets and the Acropolis"
On our last night in Greece, Bennies and Johnnies watched their final beautiful Greek sunset overlooking the never ending white city landscape with the ancient ruins with Acropolis in the distance. The flags represent our amazing journey from Italy to Greece and where pieces of our hearts will always remain.