International Program Director Resources

An area of distinction:

Our faculty-led Study Abroad programs and international campus ethos are the qualities that most distinguish CSB/SJU from other colleges. The unique faculty-led program structure means that over one-third of our faculty have taught abroad. Their long term interaction with our study abroad and international students has laid the basis for a campus culture that highly values intellectual preparation for the global century.

Using our own faculty to lead study abroad programs permits a higher level of control over the quality of teaching and learning which is closely linked to the on-campus curriculum. This practice has also improved the quality and expertise of our faculty which, in turn, benefits all students throughout their four years at CSB/SJU. Having more than 20 faculty leading international programs every year helps the Colleges forge and maintain strategic relationships with international institutions, revitalize contact with strategic alum populations, recruit international students, and develop research and academic partnerships with international faculty.

The Office for Education Abroad is excited to work with CSB and SJU faculty to expand the breadth and depth of the study abroad offerings.

If you are interested in directing a semester-long or short-term study abroad please visit the links below to review the applications. We would also welcome individual or department meetings to discuss your international ideas and initiatives.