Application Signature

For full consideration you must print out this page, collect necessary signatures, and submit it to the Center for Global Education (ASB 104, CSB) by the application deadline. SCANNED/FAXED COPIES ARE NOT VALID.


 By signing this document you authorize the program faculty director, assistant program director, and the staff of CGE at CSB/SJU to access your academic and disciplinary records and are confirming that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms on the following:

  1. 2016-17 Study Abroad Application (submitted online)
  2. Study Abroad Agreement and Waiver
  3. Study Abroad Cancellation Policies

All of the above documents are available for download from this website and paper copies will be made available to any applicant upon request.  

    I have read and understand the above documents and I agree to all terms and conditions of these documents made effective with the date of my signature recorded below.


    Applicant's full name (Print)    

    _____________________________              ______
    (Signature of Applicant/Participant)                      Date

    _____________________________     ____________           _____________________
    (1st Choice Study Abroad Program)               (Fall or Spring)             CSB/SJU ID #

    Acknowledgement of Parent/Guardian:

    I am the parent/guardian of the above named Applicant/Participant.  By my signature below I acknowledge that I have read the forgoing Study Abroad Agreement and Waiver and agree to the terms and conditions set forth therein.

    Parent/Legal Guardian's full name (Print)   

    _____________________________               ______
    (Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian*)                  Date            

    *Parent or Guardian signature is necessary unless the student is not considered a dependent for federal income tax or financial aid purposes.