London: Culture, History, and Sport

Summer 2014
London, England
May 21 - June 4, 2014

Program Highlights

  • 2012 Olympic Village
  • Chelsea Stadium & Museum
  • Cricket, Polo, and Football matches
  • Wimbledon museum & guided tour
  • Professional Tennis Tournament

Program Description

This course will examine the cultural implications of how sport in England affects society. Students will understand that sport serves as a cultural lens that reflects and defines cultural beliefs and values. Historical, political and economic views will be studied along with fandom and the British youth sport models. The role women play in English sport history and current sport culture will also be reviewed and compared to U.S. examples.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will be able to define some of the differences between U.S and British sport culture.
  2. Students will analyze the impact of British sport history on current behavior and attitudes.
  3. Students will be able to articulate that culture is shaped by more than race or ethnicity, but gender, class, personal experience and other forces also play a significant role.
  4. Students will connect course content with experiential learning.

Program Cost

The estimated Program Fee is $3,650 - 3,850 plus the cost of 2 CSB/SJU credits at the reduced summer tuition rate (approximately $525 per credit).

This price includes:

  • Round-trip Airfare
  • Housing
  • On-site transportation
  • Excursions

The Program Fee does not include:

  • Meals
  • The cost of 2 CSB/SJU credits
  • Personal spending Money


The director for the London Culture, History, and Sport program is Jen Kranz.