International Teaching Externship in Japan

Winter: Mid-January to Mid-February
Spring: Mid-May to Mid-June

Program Description

The CSB/SJU Education International Teaching Externship (ITE) program is a 4-week international opportunity where students will have a chance to work as a teaching assistant and/or team teacher in one of several locations. The ITE program is a professional teaching experience that you participate in following your teaching internship (student teaching) experience in the US. It is an additional opportunity to put your teaching skills into use in an international environment as you work with an on-site cooperating teacher. Teaching internationally is a great way to set yourself apart from others for job applications. ITE will be a professional adventure you will never forget! 

Japan location - You will have the opportunity to volunteer in primary schools, junior high schools, or the Bunkyo High School that cooperates with Bunkyo Gakuin University (BGU). CSB/SJU and BGU assist ITE students in securing a room in the International Student Residence Hall. Personnel from BGU will meet you at the airport, aquaint you with the subway system (only two subway stops from your dorm), and accompany you to your school on the first day. BGU and savvy dorm friends will provide culturally rich experiences.

Program Cost

The Japan ITE Program does not have a program fee. The estimated program cost is between $3000 and $3100. Students will also be given a $500 stipend to help offset costs.

Estimated Costs Includes:

Roundtrip airfare from MSP to Tokyo  $1,700
International Insurance and Student Card $     22
Apartment (32 days at $22/day and linen fee $   724
Train or airport return travel $     50
Meals (32 days at $30/day) $   960
Ground transportation to schools ($20/week) $     80
International Health Insurance $     22
Total estimated fees: $3,558
Stipend to offset costs: -    500
Total estimate of cost after stipend: *** $3,058

***This estimate does not include personal spending money.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  • Complete e-application form by First Day of C Mod, 6:00pm, during the semester prior to the ITE program
  • You will complete 16 weeks of student teaching in the US
  • Application approval by the ITE Director
  • Once approved, submit a non-refundable deposit of $200 by date provided with approval notice
  • Once deposit is received, Education will register you for EDUC 368 (1-2) during the same semester as student teaching
  • Signed contract with Education regarding EDUC 368 and stipend requirements
  • Attendance at pre-departure ITE cohort meetings
  • Valid passport at time of departure
  • Students must have an ability to pay all travel expenses and personal expenses including room and board
  • Visa- Japan has a 90-day guest Visa arrangement so no Visa is needed. Remember when you arrive you are to state you are there as a tourist only, not as a student or worker. 

Suggested Timetable:

Fall Student Teaching:

  • Depart for ITE site in mid-January
  • Arrival in host country - defined date TBA
  • Work in host country K-12 schools as teaching assistant or team-teacher for 3 or 4 weeks
  • Return to USA or travel on own

Spring Student Teaching:

  • Departure mid-May after graduation
  • Arrival in host country- defined date TBA
  • Work in host country K-12 schools as teaching assistant or team-teacher for 3 or 4 weeks
  • Return to USA or travel on own


ITE Director, Professor Janet Grochowski, Chair