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College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University International Travel Policy for Students

The College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University supports and encourages international travel and recognizes that the formation of international perspectives is an essential educational component within its academic mission. While there are tangible rewards in providing curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular international opportunities to students, it is important for the safety of students that emergency assistance protocols are in place for activities that CSB/SJU is sponsoring, promoting, and implementing. In an effort to support valuable educational activities and reduce potential risks to its students, faculty, and staff, CSB/SJU requires that all students traveling internationally with institutional-affiliation register their international travel through the CSB/SJU Center for Global Education International Travel Registration. The Center for Global Education is responsible for the administration and oversight of the International Travel Registration. 

The types of activities covered by this policy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Formal, non-credit bearing international travel by students organized and/or sponsored by CSB/SJU, a CSB/SJU unit, or a CSB/SJU faculty or staff member;
  • International travel by an individual student supported wholly or in part with CSB/SJU funding in the form of a grant, scholarship, or assistantship, or while on CSB/SJU payroll;
  • International travel by a student accompanying a CSB/SJU employee with a purpose that is relevant to CSB/SJU's academic mission;
  • International performances or athletic competitions;
  • International travel organized and/or sponsored by CSB/SJU student organizations;
  • Pursuing coursework abroad (outside of the student's home country) with the intention of transferring the credits to his/her CSB/SJU degree; and
  • International travel by students to meetings of CSB/SJU-related academic and professional associations, including conferences.

The International Travel Registration is a confidential database for maintaining essential travel information for all students traveling internationally for CSB/SJU-affiliated purposes. The International Travel Registration enables CSB/SJU to provide information, resources, and guidance to travelers in advance of their trips to maximize their safety and health while abroad. In addition, the Registration allows the Center for Global Education to initiate CSB/SJU's emergency response protocols and communications strategies (e.g., alerts, warnings, evacuation notices) in the event of a crisis or critical incident abroad.

All students who travel abroad for CSB/SJU-related purposes must register their international travel and provide all supporting documentation not later than two weeks prior to their expected departure date. If possible, travelers should update the Center for Global Education while abroad as additional information becomes available or as changes occur during travel, including additional countries added to the travel itinerary.

International Travel Registration requires submission of the following:
• Emergency Contact Information
• Flight itinerary and travel plans
• Completed Short-Term, Off-Campus Program Waiver and Release Form
• Purchase of CISI Insurance 
• Travel Warning/Alert evaluation (for countries currently under travel warnings and/or alerts)

In addition, it is expected that all students contemplating international travel will review, monitor, and comply with the safety and security information issued by the federal government, including the U.S. Department of State, the Overseas Security Advisory Council, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Campus units sponsoring activities or events covered by this policy have a responsibility to ensure that student participants in CSB/SJU-affiliated international travel are aware of and comply with this policy.