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Program Highlights

The 2015 Summer Global Internship Program in Hong Kong and Shanghai provides 8-10 week internships in various business environments including investment banks, mid-sized manufacturers, retailers, and gaming companies, and more. This program is especially suitable for students who prefer an intense, independent internship experience - one that will challenge them to utilize their academic knowledge as they gain experience in a real-world business setting. Our 2014 interns worked for various companies, in fields ranging from travel to manufacturing.

Example of a past Internship Final Project:

Gretchen Hughes (Forcome Co Ltd):

It's an experience unlike anything I could've received in the classroom and one of the best decisions I've made throughout my time at college.

-Gretchen Hughes

It [changed] my understanding of myself and my future career.

-Charles Zhang

Visit the Global Internship Ambassador page for more.


The 2015 Summer Global Internship Program is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good academic standing. Preference is given to those who will be returning to campus as full-time students in Fall 2015. Successful candidates will have at minimum a basic knowledge of the country's history and current socio-economic environment. There is no language requirement for the program and English is spoken in many business settings. The level of English, however, may vary, especially in non-business settings. Some knowledge of Cantonese or Mandarin may therefore be useful and participants are advised to learn some basic phrases in advance of their program.

Participants are encouraged to use this internship to fulfill the experiential learning requirement of the core curriculum or to earn independent learning program credit. Check with your major department and/or the Internship Office to determine eligibility and obtain registration information. Check with student accounts for information on the cost of summer internship credits.

Accommodations & Meals
Participants are responsible for the cost of their accommodations and food. Internship supervisors and/or the Local Program Coordinator will assist participants in obtaining accommodation for the period of their internship. They will also support students throughout their internships and provide assistance in case of emergency.

The food is fantastic and I can't get enough of it!

-Gretchen Hughes

Optional Travel & Activities
Program participants are free to undertake travel and other activities that do not interfere with their internship responsibilities. The Local Program Coordinator is available to advise on and assist with individual travel arrangements and also organizes local/regional activities for the intern cohort during the program.

Program Dates
Individual internship dates vary but generally start in late May and last from 8-10 weeks.

Financial Considerations
The approximate cost for participation in an 8-week internship program is $3650 minus any fellowship awarded (see below). This estimate includes airfare ($1800); accommodations ($950); food ($800); local transportation ($800). Living expenses in the two locales may vary (Hong Kong generally has a higher cost-of-living than Shanghai). Additional costs such as tuition credit, health insurance (required), phone costs, and travel within the country are also the responsibility of the participant.

Program Fellowships: The Center for Global Education (CGE) supports the Global Internship Program with fellowships that partially cover the cost of participation. Amounts are determined by CGE; past awards have ranged from $500-$3000. Fellowship recipients are required to prepare reports, a final visual project, and to help share their experiences with the CSB/SJU community in the year following their program at various events at and around CSB/SJU.

Application & Selection

The application deadline is Monday, January 12, 2015, at noon.  All application materials, including letters of reference, should be submitted by the application deadline in order to be considered complete and on time. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact/request their references at least 2 weeks prior to the application deadline.

All applications are considered on the basis of merit. First round applications, however, will receive preference in terms of acceptance and funding. Second round applicants will be considered on a space-available basis, but may or may not receive fellowship funding.

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Requirements of Candidates Selected for Program Participation

  • Passport: By March 1, 2015 Program participants must submit or show proof of passport that is valid through January 31, 2015.
  • Terms and Conditions Document (signed)
  • Health and Emergency Contact Form (completed)
  • Short Term, Off-Campus Program Waiver and Release Form (signed)
  • ISIC insurance card through the Office of Education Abroad ($25 for basic coverage).

2015 Summer Global Internship Program Timeline

January 12

 Application deadline

January - Early February


Early - Mid February

Acceptance notification

March - May

Internship placements finalized/Orientation workshops

May - June

Internships begin

Additional Information & Disclaimers
Program and other information and estimates included in this material are provided in good faith and according to current information. CSB/SJU is not responsible for any changes that may result from currency exchange fluctuation, unforeseen changes in international travel costs, etc.

Exact internship program dates are determined on an individual basis for this program.

The Center for Global Education will recommend and facilitate internship placement for candidates recommended by the CSB/SJU selection committee. Final placement decisions as well as internship terms and conditions, however, are between the student-intern and the China-based organization hosting the internship. CSB/SJU does not guarantee internship placements and assumes no responsibility or liability for the terms and conditions related to them.