Short-Term Study Abroad

Guidelines for Creating and Directing Short-Term International Programs at CSB/SJU

The Center for Global Education (CGE) welcomes faculty from across both campuses to develop short-term international study abroad programs. Short-term international programs are unique opportunities for faculty to develop innovative and creative educational programs for CSB and SJU students, while strengthening their own international experiences.

CGE can serve as a resource to faculty throughout this process. Though the primary responsibility for setting up the logistics for the program lies with the faculty director, we wish to coordinate amongst all faculty to develop an wide array of successful programs. It is important not to compete for the same cohort of students, but rather to find a particular niche. Please contact Peggy Retka to set up a brainstorming meeting early in the design process. It is important to consider how the program you are proposing will match the overall internationalization goals of CSB/SJU. Important questions to consider include:

  1. Where will this program fit into the CSB/SJU curriculum? Is the course best offered as a major or minor requirement? Major or minor elective? Common curriculum course? Students will be more attracted to programs which help them fulfill their graduation requirements.  All new courses must be approved through the process set forth by the CSB/SJU Curriculum Committee.
  2. What will the design of this program be? Will it be based in one location? Travel to many sites? What resources are available to help me set up the necessary logistical arrangements (i.e. housing, classroom space, academic excursions, experiential learning opportunities)?
  3. Are there any existing partnerships at CSB/SJU that would match my short-term study abroad goals? How might connecting with these international partners and their students, faculty and staff help strengthen what I hope to accomplish?
  4. What about the budget? Dave Lyndgaard will ultimately approve your budget and the course fee which will be assessed to students enrolled in the program. But what should you include in the budget? What should not be included? Is financial aid available to help students afford this opportunity? What about scholarships? How much money is required for the non-refundable deposit? How do students make these payments? These are important questions students will ask as you begin to advertise and recruit.
  5. How will I reach my target audience? CGE will assist the faculty in developing a website for recruitment purposes and invite you to showcase your program at the annual Study Abroad Fair (typcially held in early October). What audiences outside of CSB/SJU may you consider?
  6. How do students apply? Unlike the semester-long study abroad process at CSB/SJU for which the application process is managed by CGE, the short-term application process is handled on a rolling basis. CGE can provide an on-line application process for these programs, or you may elect to design your own.
  7. What about health and safety? What are the particular health and safety concerns/risks of my proposed location? CGE will manage the institutional risk and liability by centralizing part of the collection of important health, safety and emergency contact information. The faculty director will require each accepted participant complete the Health and Emergency Contact Information form and the Waiver/Signature Form. You will also be asked to provide detailed trip itineraries and on-site emergency contact information.

As you set out to design your program, there are many helpful resources. CGE does not have a faculty handbook specifically for short-term programs, however there is much information in the 2013-2014 Faculty Director's Handbook. Please visit the CGE Intranet Site for a copy of this document. You will also want to consult the Timeline & Checklist for Developing and Administering Short-term Study Abroad Programs.  In addition, CGE has several copies of The Guide to Successful Short-term Programs Abroad which may be checked out for use. Finally, you might consider speaking faculty who are currently leading short-term programs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about directing a short-term international program. We look forward to exploring the world with you!


1. Where can I find the student handbook?

CGE will make available to every accepted student a copy of the Short-Term International Programs Student Handbook and other helpful pre-departure orientation materials.

2. Who administers short-term trips abroad?

Short-term international programs are administered in tandem between CGE and the Program Director. The Director of the trip/course is responsible for all aspects of planning, promotion, budget, and logistics. CGE provides marketing and recruitment support and provides the risk management oversight for the institutions.

3. I would like to lead a short-term trip abroad. What is the deadline for the application?

There is no set application deadline; however you should consult with the Curriculum Committee (CC) early in the process. Faculty proposing a new short-term off-campus course must complete the CC New Course Proposal Form. Only new courses require approval from the CC committee.

In planning for short-term study abroad programs, it is important to consider the demands of the destination in terms of required vaccinations as well as passport and visa processing times (if applicable). Students should also be given adequate time to prepare financially and logistically for the experience abroad.

4. How much will I be paid for leading a short term trip?

CSB/SJU ordinarily pays directors (instructors) of short-term courses on a scale of $1,250 per course credit, so a 1-credit course has a $1,250 stipend and a 4-credit course has a $5,000 stipend.

5. What is the actual process by which students sign up for the course? Do they do so through me? Through CGE? Through Banner?

The faculty director will submit a list of accepted students to the Registrar for enrollment in the off-campus course by March 15th. The Registrar's Office will register students for the course.

6. How do students apply for my short-term trip?

Students may apply directly with you or through an on-line application form with CGE.