Distinctive Features

What Makes Education Abroad at CSB/SJU Unique:

  • The highest number of faculty-led semester abroad programs among liberal arts colleges in the US.
  • Ranked first nationally among baccalaureate institutions in semester-long study abroad programs, according to the annual report on international education, Open Doors 2007, published by the Institute of International Education (IIE).
  • Sixteen (16) full-semester study abroad programs in 13 countries on 6 continents.
  • 62 percent of CSB graduates and 55 percent of SJU graduates study abroad.
  • Over one-third of CSB/SJU faculty have led study abroad programs.
  • CSB/SJU offers over 200 courses with global and intercultural content.
  • 10 percent of CSB/SJU faculty teach international languages
  • Each year between 15 and 30 recent graduates accept positions in Asia.
  • Over 70 recent graduates have become "Asia Hands", professionals employed in positions related to Asia.

Faculty-Led Programs

Our faculty-led Study Abroad programs and international campus ethos are the qualities that most distinguish us from other colleges. Our unique faculty-led program structure means that over one-third of our faculty have taught abroad. Their long term interaction with an international curriculum has laid the basis for a campus culture that highly values intellectual preparation for the ‘global century’.

Using our own faculty to lead study abroad programs permits a high level of control over the quality of teaching and learning. This practice has also improved the quality and expertise of our faculty which, in turn, benefits all students throughout their four years at CSB/SJU. Having more than 15 faculty leading international programs every year helps the colleges forge and maintain strategic relationships with international institutions, revitalize contact with strategic alum populations, recruit international students, and develop research and academic partnerships with international faculty to internationalize the campuses.