Encourage your student to get a flu shot

Flu season is upon us and every year the campus sees its share of influenza. Please encourage your student to get a flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is the best protection against contracting the flu. 

CSB students can visit the on-campus mass vaccine clinics and watch for emails or visit the CSB Health Services website for information on dates, times, and locations of these clinics. CSB students may also contact CSB Health Services to make an appointment.

SJU students can contact HealthPartners Central MN Clinics-Saint John's Campus or other local providers for information on getting a flu shot. 

You can also remind your student to practice good hand hygiene, eat well balanced meals and get adequate sleep and exercise. All of these steps can help them stay healthy and feeling their best.

 For questions or concerns encourage your student to contact:

CSB Health Services: 320-363-5605

Health Partners Saint John's Campus Clinic: 320-203-2430