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Loan Acceptance Instructions

If you apply for need based aid (FAFSA and CSB/SJU Financial Aid Application) you will receive an e-mail from the Financial Aid Office when your award is complete. 

Instructions to view your financial aid award and accept loans

  1. Log in to Banner Web Self Service
  2. Click on "Financial Aid" link 
  3. Click on "Award" link 
  4. Click on "View and Accept Award"
  5. If prompted select "Award Year 2017-2018" and click "Submit"
  6. Click on "Outside Scholarship Information" tab to enter any scholarships not from CSB/SJU
    • Enter Scholarship name and amount then click "Submit Information"
  7. Click on "Messages" tab to review any applicable messages
  8. Click on "Award Overview" tab to look at your financial aid for the year.
  9. Click on "Accept/Decline Loan" tab to submit your federal loan decision.  You may have one or more of the following; Direct Subsidized Loan, Direct Unsubsidized Loan or Federal Perkins Loan.
    • For each loan offered select "accept" or "decline". To accept less than the full amount of the loan, enter the requested amount. After making your loan selections click "Submit Decision"
  10. Click on and review "Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements" at the bottom of the "View and Accept Award" tab.  Anything listed here will prevent your aid from disbursing to your student account until complete. Please note that it may take up to a week for these requirements to update.

Direct Loan Instructions

  1. Accept loan on Banner Web Self Service (see above instructions).
  2. New borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (you may also access this website by clicking on the "Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements" in Banner Web Self Service)
    • This is an online process that will take about 30 minutes to complete. A Student (not parent) FSA ID is required to sign in.

PLUS Loan Instructions

  1. Student may review the Remaining Loan Eligibility on Banner Web Self Service (this is the maximum amount you may take out not necessarily the amount you should take out).
  2. Parent must complete the application process.
    • PLUS Loan Request and Credit Authorization must be filled out each year.
    • Master Promissory Note (Parents who have previously borrowed for the same student do not need to complete this step again.) As of May 11, 2015 a Parent FSA ID is required to sign in. If you don't have one you can create one during the process or go to

Private Loan (Citizens Bank, DEAL, Discover, Sallie Mae, SELF, Wells Fargo) Instructions

  1. Review the Remaining Loan Eligibility on Banner Web Self Service (this is the maximum amount you may take out not necessarily the amount you should take out).
  2. Click on the appropriate link below to view private loan options and to complete the application process. 
    • Returning students are encouraged to stay with the same lender/loan program to help ease repayment.  Click on "Loan History" under "Financial Aid" in Banner Web Self Service to see previous loans taken out.
    • Some lenders require the following information:
      • COST OF ATTENDANCE: Found on Banner Self-Service under the "Financial Aid" tab and "Cost of Attendance for Loan Certification" link.
      • ESTIMATED FINANCIAL AID:  Found on Banner Self-Service under the "Award Overview" tab.
    • CSB Students
    • SJU Students