External Scholarship Programs

Listed below are the addresses for a few websites through which you can research scholarship opportunities. None of these sites charge for their services and ALL scholarship information is available for free from one place or another. Never pay for a scholarship search.

Some web listings are maintained by lending institutions, so you may receive promotional mailings advertising educational loan opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that in order to apply for a student loan, or to apply for any type of financial aid, you must complete a Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). These forms are available online, at high schools, public libraries, and the CSB/SJU Financial Aid Offices. Just sending a form to a lending institution is not sufficient to qualify you for financial aid.

Be aware that perseverance, initiative, resourcefulness, determination, and above all, timeliness are key to winning scholarships. There are awards for ALL academic abilities, genders, majors, ethnicities, income levels, to name but a few categories, so don't opt yourself out of any chance. Apply for anything, and everything, for which you appear to meet the qualifications. Keep in mind that applying for scholarships is not necessarily an easy process nor is it a quick process, but then worthwhile things are rarely easy. It will take a lot of time and a lot of effort, but the results can be amazing and, if you win any awards, will make the process worthwhile. There are BIG scholarships and little scholarships, easy applications and difficult applications. Do not neglect any of them. And remember, there are scholarships available for each year of school, including graduate and professional programs. This is an every year effort...each fall you will want to begin your search for the next academic year.

Remember, as well, that no one source has it all. Try ALL of these sites, then get to the library for more information.

A note about these sites: The sites here are offered in no particular order and without recommendation or endorsement. They are are few of many sites which are available to students. You may find some of these to be very helpful or you may find they are of little use. As you progress in your search, many of these formats will begin to look the same. While they certainly are similar, they are not the same. Take your time and look carefully through each list. THEY DO NOT ALL OFFER THE SAME CHOICES. In fact, it is an excellent idea to look through the list in each category before you start making selections. Many of the databases limit the number of choices you can make. For many of them you will be asked to provide a user name and a password. Make a note of them so you can refer back to the site for updates and/or new searches.













A Hint On Requesting Scholarship Applications
Unless a donor specifically requires a stamped self-address envelope (SASE), the most efficient, and the cheapest, way to contact scholarship donors is by using post-cards. Indicate the name of the scholarship you are requesting and the academic year for which you are intending to apply. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS on your request and be sure it is LEGIBLE.Pre-printed address labels work well for this.